Protect Your Thoughts By Protecting Your Body

A secret is that whatever happens to the body, also happens to the mind. Therefore, to impact a positive impression in our minds, we can use the body as a tool. Below are a few lessons:

1. It is vital that we maintain a good diet.

A good diet means that our minds will receive good thoughts. The diet to sustain the body is food. The diet to sustain the mind is thought.

2. Thought and body are the same thing.

Both are related, in that they are the same: They are thought. They are differentiated because of the laws of correspondence which states that different levels of existence are differentiations of the same thing: Universal Thought. It is therefore imperative that we maintain the body to maintain our minds, since they are the same thing but only different in worldly awareness.

3. If we give our bodies a poor diet, we will receive poor thoughts

Thoughts of dis-ease will infect us and correlate physically through their creative power. We can stop this easily by protecting our diet.

4. Exercise allows the free flow of nutrients, growth of muscles and fitness.

This means that our thoughts will be more powerful, vibrant, clearer and concise as a result.

What To Expect

When we realise that our bodies are a key to our mind, we will respect our bodies. Sometimes we continue to have negative thoughts, even though we maintain strict meditation and thought control. The reason why is because we failed to realise the importance of our bodies in our thought processes.

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