The Pseudo Telekinesis Technique

The pseudo telekinesis technique is contained in our ebook guide. However we have presented it here for free, to help you increase your concentration:

1/ Obtain a coin and place it on a table in front of you.

2/ Make sure you are in a comfortable sitting place and in a location in which you will not be disturbed.

3/ Look at the coin from a distance of 30 or 40 cm away and concentrate your full attention on the look of the coin. Try and concentrate on its shape more than its particular features. Do not touch the coin.

4/ Next, you should imagine that your concentrated look on the coin is the force to try and make the coin move. By this, I mean imagine that the force of your concentration and attention on the coin's edge is attempting to make the coin move.

5/ Mentally push with your concentration to the edge of the coin and keep your attention on the edge for the whole session. (Btw, if the coin starts moving physically you have awesome telekinesis powers! Switch to a non-metallic object)

6/ You should maintain your concentration on the shape of the coin by looking at it, but also force your whole attention onto the edge of the coin as well. Really push your mind as hard as possible to look at the edge, and maintain a very narrow minded look at only the edge of the coin.

7/ You should also become unaware of your surroundings if you are performing the technique correctly. If you become distracted, turn your attention back to the process and doggedly attempt to maintain your concentration on the object. Do not go around thinking about random things or other thoughts. This is going backwards and will lead to 0 gains.

8/ You can repeat for any object of your choice, but a small metal object is desirable since this attracts the waves which your brain emits to allow them to become easily concentrated.

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