Quit Your Job And Live Your Dream

If your job is not your dream life or will not give you a dream life, you need to quit your job. There is no reason in the universe why you cannot achieve the life you desire, when you understand the principles which underpin existence. Below you will find some revelations which will help you to make this transition:

1. Having a job is working for somebody else and making them rich.

Why not make yourself rich? Why make somebody else rich? They do not have any more value or power than you, because All Power lies within you.

2.The only job worth having is your dream.

Time is running out. It is already 2012 and we are sitting around reading text on a screen! It is time to make steps to achieve our dreams.

3. Make sure your job is focused on eventually quitting it.

This means you need to save your money.You should not spendany money whatsoever, because you will need to invest it into your goal and purpose.

What To Expect

In order to do this successfully, you need to have a strong and clear vision of what you want to be and what goal you want to achieve. After that, we need to have only one focus and primary goal in our lives: That focus should be to make our vision come true.

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