Raw IQ And How It Relates To Genius

Most people would agree and say that the higher your IQ, the more likely you are to be a genius. This could not be further from the truth. Having a high IQ is simply helpful in becoming a genius, but it is not even near being the be-all and end-all. There are loads of other things to consider, including the understanding and application of the laws of energy and thought, ways of acting and behaving and every other factor discussed in our Articles Database. However, below you will find the main links that IQ has to genius:

1. The higher your IQ, the more thoughts and ideas you will have to utilise.

It is this which makes you closer to genius. Without having bright ideas, nothing can happen. The high IQ allows those bright ideas to come about, so that you can use them to achieve your goals.

2. Some professions require a high IQ by default.

Therefore having a high IQ would almost be mandatory to allow you to achieve genius and distinction in that field. For example, almost every area of science will require you to have a high IQ. However, areas such as language (writing, poetry etc), engineering (inventing things),the corporate worldetc can all do without the need for a high IQ per se.

3. Some geniuses do not have high IQ's.

For example, you could have a genius with an IQ of 120 or 130! This therefore goes to show that factors beyond IQ are responsible for the genius. It also shows that the IQ test does not measure all aspects of intelligence.

4. Some people have super high IQ's but are no where near being a genius.

They become delusional and detached from society, and die being rejected by it. This is mainly in the case when the person is born with a super high IQ, so that they cannot comprehend what it is like to live "a normal life" , leading to disrespect of their social peers and community. For those that build and grow their intelligence, this is not the case. They are the ones who are closer to being true geniuses who are admired in the eyes of society.

What To Expect

When you truly understand the distinction between a high IQ and genius, you will be at the first step to increase both. IQ is increased using IQ increasing techniques. Genius is created by using genius creation methods. Both used together will create catastrophic and revolutionary changes in your life.

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