Reality Is A Mirror

The world in which we live is founded on certain principles which are completely unknown to most people. The knowledge pertaining to this is in the hands of the very few who wish to keep it secret. In this article, we want to discuss how reality in itself is a mirror which we are seeing. What is being reflected is in actual fact, what we on the inside believe to be true. This is similar in effect to the laws of karma or the seed return laws. Below, you will find some key points regarding reality as a mirror, and how we can influence it accordingly:

1. What you think, feel and do will always correlate in some form in reality. The correlation takes place in the form of a reflection of what you yourself did, thought or felt. For example,if you are lazy towards your goal, the world will become lazy in giving you your goal.If you are focused, the world will also focus on you. If you insult someone, you yourself will be insulted by someone else.

2. We should practice the law of reflection all the time. This means that we should not make reality define our actions, but instead, we define our actions to make reality. We should be the actionary force in our lives, and not the reactionary. When we react, we are reinforcing a poor state of mind, which has made us react to the reality which we ourselves have created. However, when we act, we are always in control of reality, and make it subject to our command.

3. A secret to reality as a mirror, is that if we "act in the moment" and give and be of service without any question, judgement or opinion, then this is also what the world will give us back. We will get things without question, judgement or opinion.

4. Since reality is a mirror, we cannot change our lives by trying to change the mirror. We change our lives by changing ourselves, and the way that we think, do, believe and feel about things. To attempt to change the world without changing ourselves is completely useless and will be fruitless.This is why people end up going through the same circles and behaviours again and again. It is because they have attempted to change the outside, whereas all change happens from within.

5.All of what is reflected in the mirror/reality can be brought down to beliefs. Therefore what we believe, we will see.

What To Expect From Accepting and Acting On Reality As A Mirror

1. Change will become effortless.You will be driven to achieve your life's goals.
2. You will have a proper understanding of why things happen the way they do and therefore can very quickly create change.
3. You will develop a strong sense of purpose, desire andcertainty towards your life goals.

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