Refine Your Luck

As you continue to apply the secrets and the correct mindsets for genius intelligence and achievement, you will notice that your whole life will seem to be a product of luck and being in the right place at the right time. There are definite reasons for this, and this article will help you explore and refine your luck factors through understanding and specialising in the reasons why it is being created.

1. Luck is a product of mindset. Therefore, when something "lucky" seems to happen in your life, look back and analyse the mindset which created this luck. You will notice that the mindset was characterised by having 100% mental attention on the moment, acting towards your goals, being in a state of mindset refinement and shift, and having pure mental clarity.

2. When luck strikes, pay attention to the way you were feeling as it happened. The way you were feeling will be a slight tingling sensation in your body and mind. This sensation is creative energy from quantum superposition which is flowing through you to manifest a new reality.

3. When luck strikes, notice how detached and oblivious you were on the lucky outcome and what you had done to create such detachment. For example, your day might have started in a needy and attached way, but as the day progressed, several factors allowed you to become detached. Look at those factors and continue to refine and add them into your daily routine.

4. When luck strikes, pay attention to what you were thinking in the minutes before the lucky event. Generally, there will be very little or no thoughts in your mind, except a free flow of action and momentary living.

What To Expect

As you continue to refine your luck factors, several things will happen:

1. You will be able to predict luck before it even occurs. You will understand that it is a product of what you yourself are doing, and therefore you can refine it and make your whole life bound by it.

2. You will continue to live in the moment, feel a state of bliss and attract more luck into your life. Other people will be amazed as to how much your financial, relationship and health situation begins to change extremely quickly.

3. You will begin to always do the right thing from having the right mindset.

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