The Relevance Of A High IQ

There is so much controversy about the validity of an IQ test and its importance in life, so we think it is a good idea to set the record straight and reveal the truth. The controversy is surrounding the relevance of a high IQ in our day to day lives. Does a high IQ mean that we are more likely to succeed in life? Does it mean that we will become a particular type of person? Below we will explore some of the central topics:

Is IQ an accurate reflection of someone's intelligence?

It is true to say that the higher your IQ, the more likely you are to have high intelligence. However, this intelligence only extends to the areas of intellect which the IQ test examines. For example, most tests completely ignore areas of intelligence related to auditory or perspectival aspects to intelligence. Instead, they rely solely on basic intellectual categories such as logical, grammatical and spatial areas.

The other important point is that the scores are very easily manipulated. For example, having a poor night's sleep on the eve of the test might artificially lower your score. On the other hand, taking a concentration stimulant such as caffeine or taurine will artificially boost your results. It is also easy to cheat on an IQ test. The more tests you take, the better idea you will have of what types of questions are going to come up, making it more likely that you'll answer correctly.

Does having a high IQ mean you will be more successful in life?

No. A higher score means that you might be particularly good at problem solving, grammar or logic etc. This might allow you to earn a reasonable living if you enter a profession where these abilities will be of use.

However, if you do not score high, you can still earn a good living or become more successful than someone with a high IQ. This is because there are other aspects of intelligence and achievement which the test does not measure.

Does a high IQ mean I will do well at school?

Yes but not exclusively so. If student X and Y both put the same amount of effort, resources and time into an academic task, but X scores higher than Y, then this can be attributed to X having a potentially higher IQ, as measured through an IQ test. However, if both X and Y had the same IQ result, but Y scored higher than X, then it is likely that other factors beyond IQ are at cause. For example, the motivation of the student and their interest in the topic can have a significant impact.

What To Expect

IQ has a very limited relevance in helping someone become a genius and achieve their dreams. The true power (as explored in other articles) lies in refining our practical application of knowledge, so as to make sure that the genius comes to us from our subconscious mind. That said, the IQ is a very relevant tool for the areas of intelligence which it does generally measure, including the spatial, grammatical and logical intelligence areas.

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