Remember Your Goal On A Daily Basis

Assume this situation: you get up in the morning, jump into the car and drive. For the whole day, you do not think, but just continue to drive. This exact process is what we are doing in our lives right now. We are going ahead and working hard, but we have not kept the final objective in mind. If I am to drive, I must know where I am going. If I were to drive and not think at all about where I am going, then how can I get there? I must remember my end goal whether the journey is 3 days or 3 years. Below, you will find some lessons to help you understand and practice this correctly:

1. Think about and remember your end goal, even if for 1 second a day.

1 second is enough to keep you on track. If we can't even commit to this, then we are clearly lost in oblivion. We must be able to keep track, so that our minds will re-adjust and allow us to propel towards our goals. The remembrance and visual image of the goal, is a reminder to keep you in the correct driving lane. In driving, if I do not know where I am going, then I do not know which lane to switch into and when, or at which turning to get off. However, if I know where I am going, I can follow the signs and take the appropriate exit.

2. Remember your goal in mental silence.

If you do this, you will allow yourself to access deeper powers which lie within you. In this case, it is not only your body which will be in the right lane for your goal, but so too will the environment and whole universe. Everything will act to make your dream true, if you plant it properly in mental silence.

3. Make sure we are always focused and acting towards our goal.

In other words, we should do our best to remove all limiting factors to our goal. The stronger our focus and the more rigid our mindset is to our goal, the more the creative energy within us can become concentrated and hit the target of our goal.

What To Expect

When we take the steps to remember our goal regularly, and at least once per day, we are making sure that we are on the right track. It will become evident if we are not in the right lane, because our body and mind will be telling us so. We will also find that we are a lot more clearer as to the direction we are following, and we will manifest and receive greater success.

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