The Schumann Resonance

The Schumann Resonance is the energy field which surrounds the earth, and the rate of its vibration. The particular wave frequency is around 7-8Hz so we can therefore access and connect with this resonance through the deepness of our mindset and establishing a 7-8Hz frequency. The value of this is that the resonance can allow us to access hidden thoughts and ideas which are within it, and also the ideas and thoughts of others who are also in a similar state of mind. It is therefore a tool for idea generation and creativity increase. Below you will find some helpful tips to help you connect with this force properly:

1. The Schumann Resonance is 7.83Hz and can be accessed through our mindset.

Recently, this frequency has increased which has baffled scientists. Many New Age followers believe that it is a sign to demonstrate that the earth is becoming conscious of itself, and that a new spiritual awakening is taking place. For our purposes, we can simply connect to the Schumann resonance by achieving its frequency for our own brainwaves. The easiest way is through brain harmonics.

2. The Schumann Resonance is a mass control tool.

It can energise and carry your thoughts throughout the world. This is important for manifestation purposes, because the deeper and more permanently we imprint our goals deep in our mind, the deeper and more permanent it can stay in the resonance and effect other people. Other people will therefore do and act in a way to help you achieve your goal, similar to a mass control device in which people are influenced without knowing. This is why behavior patterns can be repeated throughout the world, without their being any formal form of communication to pass the behavior on. It is almost as if it happens automatically.

3. The Schumann Resonance is always working, so it can impact your behavior.

Just because you are in an active frame of mind, doesn't mean that the Schumann resonance cannot affect your behavior. Parts of your brain may still be in a deep state, thus connecting it with the resonance and allowing access to what is in it. It is therefore in our best interests to always maintain a positive and compoundly reinforced mindset, to therefore effectively act as a barrier against negative patterns of behavior which are subconsciously influenced. This means to basically always actively maintain your belief system, ensure your mind and body does not wander, and to consistently live in the moment and make actions towards your goals.

What To Expect

When we understand that there is always natural power and energy around us, in this case being the Schumann Resonance, we will begin to realise that there are a lot more variables and laws which affect our lives than what we thought originally. Through this, we will begin to realise that our lives are always being impacted by the thoughts and mannerisms which we have. Every moment is therefore an opportunity for growth and increase, because in every moment, there are factors which are being influenced.

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