The Secret Of Correspondence

The secret of correspondence is this: As above, so below. As below, so above. By above and below, we are not talking about things from a Newtonian perspective, where above means "in the sky" or "outer space" etc. Above generally relates to the factors and systems which form existence, and the lowest below is the material world. Below, you will find a few lessons which will help you to use this secret to become a genius:

1. Energy flow comes from high and down to the low.

In other words, it comes from the root systems and through you to the lowest material plane. The implication of this is in the next point.

2. Your mindset can act as a filter so that only certain things and circumstances correlate in the physical world.

Your mindset is the most powerful tool at your disposal, because the mindset as a filter can act to allow only certain energies into the material plane.

What To Expect

The above points emphasis the supreme importance of mindset. Without the correct mindset, the wrong circumstances will continue to manifest.

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