The Secret Of Focus

The secret of focus can be expressed in many ways. Below you will find key points about the secret of focus to help you achieve the genius of your dreams:
 1. Where focus goes, energy will flow into.
 By simply looking in a direction physically, we are allowing the energy to flow in that direction. The energy will flow through all the channels of energy which that structure you are observing has in place.
 2. Where focus goes, more energy will flow.
 The difference with the above is that more energy is going to flow if you focus on the same thing. There are two effects here: A/ The energy will expand through you, which means it is your conscious mind which is expanding B/ When the consciousness expands, more energy can flow through it, meaning more energy can flow through the structure of the energy field as in 1. The practical correlation of this is that you therefore not only see more results, but you have more ideas as to how to expand things further.
 3. What you focus on, you become.
 If all I do is watch TV, I will become a TV watcher and have a disposition to watching TV.  
 4. The three points above stress the importance of specialising in our lives and having one focus to which we are aiming. The more eggs we try to juggle around through lack of focus, the more likely we are to miss a catch and break an egg. It is therefore wiser to keep our eggs altogether, but to keep our eyes on it at the same time to make sure nothing breaks. When we have one focus, we become much more productive and allow the 3 effects above to come into play.


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