The Secret Of Knowledge

The secret of knowledge can be explained thus:

1. Knowledge has no power. Its power is only potential.

I can learn a million and one things, but all of it means nothing whatsoever. They are simply thoughts in my head.

2. True knowledge is in applied knowledge and understandings from practical experience. This is where the power to change your life can be found.

When i decide to apply my potential power, that is when we understand true knowledge. This is where the power lies because it is in application that we learn the right way of doing things. When we do, we understand the situation from a different and unique perspective: from the point of view of doing the thing that brings us closer to our goal.

3. Applying knowledge completes the cycle of energy.

The cycle of energy is this: Everything is energy. When we have the right mindset, the energy can correlate physically. There is therefore a continuous chain from top to bottom where each stage possesses the characteristics of the goal which the applying of that knowledge will obtain.

What To Expect

When you apply practical knowledge, you will realise that the power lies in practical knowledge, and not on theorising things and doing nothing about them. Any knowledge which does not have a practical edge, is a waste of time. Which should always practise our knowledge, not geek up on things which have no aid to our lives and aspirations.

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