The Secret Of Non-Judgement

When you judge the wisdom of a genius, you are not one yourself. You are instead an arrogant fool that is using their ego and pride as opposed to their true intellect. Then why do we think that judging is good in any situation, when the truth is that every one of us has a genius lying within them?

The truth is that judging things is a complete waste of time. Time is the most precious commodity on this planet, yet we are truly unaware of it for the whole of our lives...until our time runs out. The better way to act is to allow other people's statements to be lessons which will help us on the way to achieving the intelligence, wisdom and ideals of our dreams. Below you will find some helpful lessons and tools to make sure that you are learning, instead of wasting time.

1. You must not judge anything in your life. You should instead learn the lesson from life's situations. These lessons should help you propel yourself towards your goals.

2. One may judge and say that the more we judge, the more knowledge we can extract. Yet knowledge is completely useless unless practically applied. Furthermore, knowledge is easily forgotten, yet practical application of the knowledge to gain behavioral momentum will stick with us.

3. When we judge, we will gain a tendency to judge. This is because of the Secret Of Focus. Therefore, when intuition comes to us, we will fail to act because we have annulled the desire and will to act through our judgement.

4. When we judge, we are judging over reality, as opposed to alongside it. This will therefore lead to a negative seed return in which we are judged back.

5. When somebody says something bad to you, or says that you cannot do this or that, it is better to hold your tongue than to judge. Do not judge them back. If you are to say or do anything, use the Law Of Reflection to give them what is in your correct reality. The secret is that realities do not intermingle. When you hold fast to your reality, the whole reality (including the person who has bad mouthed you) will change to match it.

The Effects Of This Secret

1. Increased clarity of thought
2. Increased focus on your goals
3. Increased ability to gain insight and depth into subjects without effort
4. Increased mental calmness and alertness to intuition
5. Increased idea generation capability through energy flowing into a single minded reality

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