Powerful Ways To Sharpen Your Focus

Focus is one of the most underrated, yet fundamental aspects towards achieving your goals. Once you are in possession of this tool, not only will producing new ideas become easy, but it will become natural and stimulating to keep going down the rabbit hole to explore more. The trick therefore is to make sure that we have focus in the first place, and then protect this state of mind so that we are always progressing at maximum speed towards our goals. Below you will find a few unique tips to help you on your way:

1. Remove all focus leakages in your life.

This means that you need to make a dedicated effort to change yourself, so that the only focus that you have in your life is always moving you towards your goals. What the leakage is will depend on how far away the action or leakage is from your goal. For example, if I wanted to be a multi-millionaire, but all I ever did was talk to myself about it, then the leakage is the "talking to yourself" part. Talking to yourself can be useful, but if it is not coupled with action towards your goals, then it is in vain. Other common leakages include

A. Watching television, playing video games and reading fiction books
B. Fantasising about our goals all the time
C. Wasting time by hanging about with friends and following the crowd
D. Debating, arguing and judging situations

Please note that these are stereotypical examples. For example, if I wanted to be a world-class debater, it is clearly in my interest to debate. If I wanted to be a video games expert, I would need to play games etc. The trick therefore is to understand what a leakage is for your particular situation and goal in life, and be able to minimise these before and when they occur. This will happen by making a key decision to do so, which brings us to our next point.

2. Make an unwavering decision to only focus towards attaining your goal.

The reason why this is difficult, is because most people do not know what a decision is in the first place. A decision is not simply writing something down and saying that you're going to do it. A decision is to decide and choose to do something and not do anything else. A decision is an elimination tool where you eliminate all other possibilities and only do the one that you have set out. That is a decision. When you make that decision and only go down one route, you increase your mental certainty that the goal at the end will come about, because you have eliminated all other courses of action, and have decided on one route. This is an extremely powerful lesson.

3. Realise that focus is made up of mental, behavioural and attitudinal aspects.

Focus is not just about mental focus. In fact, mental focus is actually the easiest aspect of focus which comes naturally. The tricky parts of focus are those aspects which nobody thinks about, in the forms of behavioural and attitudinal focus. When you have behavioural focus, it means that you are always constantly striving towards your goals through physical action towards it. Attitudinal focus is your attitude towards your goal and plight. When you have a positive and good attitude, you believe that your goal is possible and it begins to become more certain in your mind. When you believe attitudinal that the goal is a lost cause, you lack focus towards it, because you're attitude is clearly turned away from it.

The trick here is to always be moving towards our goals through action on a daily basis in order to possess focus. We will lack focus if we do not, and decide instead to lazy around and watch TV. We must therefore also have our attitudinal focus to back up this action, through maintaining the correct beliefs about our goal and the faith regarding the soundness of our approach to obtaining it.

The mental focus will then automatically come about, because we have made a firm decision to act and get on with things to maintain our physical and attitudinal focus towards achieving our goals.

4. Focus on doing one thing at a time.

When you do one thing at a time, you are applying the first secret of focus: that is, you allow more energy to be produced to expand your awareness of the thing you are focused on, both through you, and in itself. The reason why this is important, is because it is not what you do in your life, but how you do it that matters. If you concentrate on the how to let the life force flow through you properly, you will actually get more done than if you tried to do several things at once. To explain this properly, if I were to go to a woman and attempt to attract her or go to a company to win business (as examples) , I could say all the right things and still have zero results, because it is not what I say that matters, but how I say it.

5. Stay in a focused environment.

This is linked to behavioural focus but is worth a mention in its own section. If I hang about with lazy people, I will become lazy myself. One must therefore make an effort to get in the right environment so that it allows you to reinforce your behaviour and get on with acting towards our goals. Other environmental distractions include parents, spouses, children, friends, TV, "the big game", movies, fiction, busy places, the news, newspapers, magazines, computer games etc etc. Distractions are all around so we need to make sure that we make the firm decision to do one particular thing and achieve one particular goal, and then the magic of focus will do its work.

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