Solid Intentions

Having solid intentions is a pre-requisite for success in life. Many people have half-hearted and weak intentions and this doesn't allow them to succeed. They are simply relying on some magical force to save them, and they don't even realise it. A solid intent will help you to succeed, and this article explores this in more detail.

1. A solid intent is a permanent decision

You must make a permanent decision to put your life in the direction which you want it to go in. This means that there is no going back, ever. You go down one road, and you keep going down that road until you reach your goal destination. to go down the road and then decide half way that you want to go down another road instead is plain stupidity. You must stick to your decision and follow it through completely.

2. A solid intent is clear and leads to immediate changes

Immediate changes means your mind is focused on the new direction right away. The laziness which your body may have had evaporates. You become much more efficient, driven and committed to succeed. This is an irreversible move you have performed.

3. A solid intent to achieve your goals is the only way to do it

If you are haphazard in your thinking, your results will also be haphazard. You must make strong, dedicated and disciplined effort to succeed. You must move decisively and in powerful ways to get what you want and a solid intent is the only permanent, sure-fire way of thinking and moving permanently in a certain direction. Moving permanently here means having your thoughts, focus and direction in that one direction only.

4. You must move quickly and efficiently towards your goals all the time

You must never lax here. Moving quickly and efficiently ensures consistently high levels of success to move you towards your goals. You will have a clearer mind, make better decisions, have clearer actions and then some. Research in various universities shows that being quick and efficient leads to the greatest increase in productivity in the quickest time. This is total common sense, but it will surprise you how the populace are clueless about this one aspect.

In conclusion, there are many ways to solidify your intent. You should strive to put them all into place. It will lead to you achieving genius and a higher IQ in the quickest way possible.

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