Take On Someone Else's Mindset

When you take on someone else's mindset, you start to mimic the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of that person so that you can gain the same amount of insight as they would do.

The technique is particularly useful when brainstorming to generate ideas, or see things from someone else's point of view. This then gives you clarity in your own way of thinking.

The secret in mimicking someone else's mindset is this: we can mimic the mindset we would have if we were living our dreams, so that we gain insight into what we should do to achieve it. This is the best mindset to have instead of trying to take on somebody else's because it allows us to move our mindset and consciousness upwards towards the mindset goal and reality goal which we are reaching.

The way to take on a mindset is as follows:

1. We should imagine what it is like to be somebody else and do this in the present moment.

2. We should imagine as much of their being as possible, including their way of sitting and moving, breathing patterns, tone of voice and speech.

3. Maintain this mindset as you attempt to solve your problem etc

What To Expect

You will gain additional insight and clarity for your line of thinking. You will also understand the uniqueness of your own mindset, and also what you need to do to evolve it.

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