Speed Reading

Speed reading is an awesome way to save time by learning and understanding things quickly. In the long run, this will free up a lot of time to allow you to concentrate on other things. Below, you will find a few helpful tips to speed read effectively. It is not a comprehensive list, but a start to allow you to get to grip with the basics.

1. The first sentence of every paragraph is the most important one. Therefore look out for keywords in that first sentence to give you an indication of the content of the paragraph. If the paragraphs in the book aren't arranged with the important sentences first, then the book is perhaps not worth reading in the first place.

2. When reading sentences, look out for the keywords. Do not necessarily read the whole sentence. This is easier to do when you are looking at the page from a comfortable distance, to be able to see most of the sentence without actually reading every single word in it.

3. For extra quick reading, you can read down the middle of the page only and pay attention to the keywords to describe the content.

4. Pay attention to all the highlighted text on the page. This includes titles, subheadings, captions and key points being made.

5. Understand what you are reading, more than actually reading the words. The speed of thought is much quicker than the speed at which you can read and say words. Therefore stick to using the speed of thought by understanding what you are reading, as opposed to reading the words.

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