Stillness Allows Manifestation
Of Desires

Stillness is one of the most underrated principles of success. The stillness must exist at all levels, meaning physical, mental, emotional and behavior. Let me explain to you why:

1. The nature of existence is stillness.

The universe appears to be moving, but this is incorrect since we are only experiencing perceived reality.

2. We must remain still for manifestation to occur.

The easiest way to establish this first of all, is through behavior modification and financial control. For example, if we are planning on investing, we should be extremely careful as to where we spend our money as overtime it can accumulate to a significant sum. Our emphasis should be to save and invest only in those things which benefit our goal. Next, we must remain physically still in that we should dedicate some time every day to remaining exactly still with no body movement. The effect of this is to induce mental stillness which is difficult to achieve. When this mental stillness is achieved, the Unconscious Mind comes to the fore with its power.

3. Stillness in behavior is overlooked for everyone looking to achieve success.

Your goals must be pursued consistently and systematically for the correct manifestations to occur. This is an aspect of stillness which is overlooked, because consistent action is a still aspect of what is already happening. We are therefore missing out on stillness and not connecting with the True Stillness nature within us, because we are not making consistent action towards our goals. Action should be made on a daily basis, regardless of the situation at hand. It doesn't matter if it's your birthday, wedding day, or Xmas day.

4. The true value of stillness can only be found through practise.

You need to continually refine this skillset. It may appear to you that there is little value or obvious effect in stillness, but the effect is actually catastrophic in reality. This value will not be found until you practise it. It is not something to be found through mental debate.

What To Expect

When you practise mental, physical and behavioural stillness, your life will change dramatically for the better. You will also have a clearer direction as to the effort to be made towards your goals. It is not worthwhile to wonder why the effect is so great. The reason for the effect will only be revealed in our ebook guide.

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