How To Study Effectively

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Study is invariably one of the things that a lot of us will have to do at some point in our lives. The key way to begin studying effectively however, lies in following simple and concrete foundations to get the momentum going.

Below we talk about some quick tips you can use to enhance your study performance hugely.

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This audio uses BrainTune® brainwave technology to help you memorise information, study faster, longer and for harder. Use it for the first hour of your study session. You will notice the effects within minutes. You can download it for free by clicking here.

This audio is 100% free, and will seriously help your study efforts. It is a basic introduction to some of our more advanced audios available on our homepage.

2. Study In A Place Which Is Quiet

When you are in a quiet place, you can focus a lot more easier and study for longer periods without distraction. It might be an easy route to sit in front of the TV and study there but the TV is easily one of the biggest distractions and needs to be removed. So not only must you be in a quiet place, but you must remove obvious temptations and potential distractions from your environment.

The ideal study environment is :

a) simple
b) has no temptations around
c) is a cool, calm place.
d) is well lit
e) is quiet

You must be in a calm environment if you want your mind to be calm as well. Once you get calmness in the mind, all your study can be done more effectively.

3. Organize Your Study

Make sure you know what you are studying, and exactly why you are studying it. You need to have a clear objective in your mind to get the most from it. Know the consequences which will happen if you don't study, and also know the rewards if you do study. The rewards from study are higher grades, and a better future.

To get organised:

a) Set up a timetable of action
b) Put all your notes into well labeled and marked folders
c) Tidy your room so that it is ready to be studied in

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4. Study In Steps

If there is a difficult task to do, don't just jump into it straight away. The reason why it is difficult in the first place, is because you weren't familiar enough with the basics. So learn the basics fully first, before attempting difficult tasks.


a) Do the basic easy things first - get the fundamentals sorted and out of the way
b) Move to the more advanced things over time

5. Focus On One Subject At A Time

When there is lack of direction, it becomes easy to jump from subject to another, leading to little progress. When you begin to specialise into one subject for a long period of time, you will find that it becomes a lot easier for you to fully focus on it, meaning more is learned. This is the correct way. Once we start to become bored with one topic, then it is okay to move to something else, but never before.


a) Specialise in one subject at a time. Do one subject for at least 40 minutes consistently as a minimum
b) Only move on to a new topic when the alloted time is up (according to your timetable) or when you get bored

6. Take Breaks

There are certain do's and do not's when it comes to break taking. The reason you take a break is to allow your brain to take up the information its just taken on, so that you can move onto the next task. You do this by stopping your work, and relaxing your mental activities for 10-15 minutes.

It is not an invitation to spend an hour or longer watching TV and then losing momentum to study so you need to be careful here and exercise lots of self discipline.


a) Take a 10 min break every 90 mins
b) Discipline yourself not to spend any longer than that
c) Don't watch TV or make yourself distracted

7. Do Not Memorise What You Need To Learn.

You should instead be learning and understanding the concepts at hand. You only thing you need to learn are formulas and functions (for mathematics and related topics). Everything else should be learned and understood. If you are forced to memorise, you are not actually understanding the information.


a) Learn the information and understand it, more than memorising it
b) Only memorise formulas and functions

8. Clearly Understand The Link Between One Topic And The Next.

In a subject you are studying, there will be lots of different topics. When you understand the links between topics, you begin to understand how things are put together for everything in the first place. You can therefore understand topics better that way and study more effectively as a result.

9. Use Brain Boosting Supplements

Brain boosting supplements are an effective way to increase your rate of learning very quickly. If your objective is to cram before an exam, take supplements which will increase your short term memory. Also make sure that you take a multivitamin to ensure that your brain has enough nutrients to recover from each study session effectively. To know more about all the different supplements you can take to boost your brain, go to our Nutrition Modifications page.

10. Use Any Genius Intelligence Brain Harmonics Audio Whilst Studying.

Use it at the very start of your study session, and for a maximum of 1 hour per day. It will put your mind into a specialised and sharp state of mind which will help you study effectively for the whole study session.

11. Make Sure You Get Good Sleep Every Night

Get a good level of sleep every single night, and establish a routine of sleeping at the same time every night. This is because during study times, the brain needs time to re-arrange itself and the information presented to it correctly.

12. During Study Times, Make Study Your Only Focus.

In other words, you will need to sacrifice your other commitments such as sports, social clubs, TV, newspapers etc. Basically, everything should be sacrificed simply for the sake of study. When you only have one focus for your mind, your mind will specialise to help you study effectively. It might be difficult to let go of certain things due to them being habits, but you must realise that if you are sitting school or college exams, studying effectively is critical to your long term success.

There are many lessons here and none is more important than the other. Every person has a certain "weakness" when it comes to studying, and your objective should be to minimise your weaknesses as much as possible, to allow for success.

You should begin by forming a plan of study. Get out of a sheet of paper and write a plan of what you are going to study and when. This is the starting point. Being organised with your study is crucial to your success.

What To Expect

Study sessions can sometimes be tiring and stressful, especially if we have not done all the work we were supposed to. We should therefore focus solely on our studies when it comes to exam time. Lives can be made or broken from the results we receive in exams, so it is of utmost importance than we learn to follow the steps above and succeed in our studies.

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