Subliminals To Change Your Life

Subliminal is a short version of "subliminal messaging" which is a special and unique way of influencing people remotely. By remotely, we mean through the absence of human touch, coercion and conscious understanding.

Subliminals come in the form of statements and suggestions which are sent to the subconscious mind of the subject through means of advertising, pictures, songs, sounds, literature, speech and any other medium of communication you can think of. They are not consciously detected. For example, the suggestion, "I am brave" can be a subliminal one, if it is put on a TV screen for a 1/10th of a second because the viewer will be unable to consciously realise or read it, although it has been read by the subconscious mind. Getting the suggestion to the subconscious mind allows it to act upon it to make it true in the behaviour, attitude and reality of the person.

The uses of subliminals are varied, from helping people increase their intelligence and IQ, to improving memory, healing disease, improving sports performance, confidence, speech and so on.

Below you will find a few tips to begin using subliminal messages for yourself:

1. Identify your goal and objective.

For example, the wish to stop smoking, become more confident or to become a better speaker are three common goals. You should also make sure it is a goal which you genuinely want to achieve, because using the subliminals is no going back.

2. Use subliminal CD's, pictures, videos or make affirmation cards.

You can get CD's from various places on the net. Pictures can be inspirational photos with captions on it. Videos generally need to be bought, and affirmations can be made by you yourself. These should all be in the present tense, and with the prefix "I". You should also obtain a list of all the affirmations within the product, so you can make sure there are no dubious, biased or unhelpful affirmations. If there are, you should return the product to the seller.

3. Use your subliminals on a regular and consistent basis.

Change occurs in a gradual and progressive way. The more consistent you become with using the subliminals, the more the changes will take place. This happens through the scale of progression. The less we practice, the lower we go on the scale to eventually end up back where we started originally.

4. Minimise stimuli in your life.

The less distractions and non-helpful stimuli which you have in your life, the less your brain has to work with to form a picture of your reality. This will therefore elevate the significance of the subliminals in relation to other occurrences and stimuli in your life. The changes will therefore take place much more readily and quicker. The overall objective here is to remove all stimuli which does not put you towards your goals. Instead, you will have only the experiences and stimuli which reinforce your goals, and allow you to progress upwards in realisation and mindset.

5. Review your changes often, preferably on a fortnightly basis.

This will allow you to determine whether you are moving closer or further from your goals. It's important for you to "wake up" and realise where your life is heading. This process of waking up is what most people cannot do, so we need to turn it into a habit, so that we can effectively analyse our performance towards our goals.

6. Keep a calm and open mind.

Almost everybody stresses the importance of keeping an open mind when using subliminal messages so as to allow them to slowly make changes for you. However, there are only certain ways to do this properly. First, you must maintain a silent mind throughout your life. This comes from realising that you must trust your subconscious mind to do the hard work. All you have to do is shut up and get on with your life, whilst moving towards your goals. The subconscious mind will figure everything else out. You just need to get on with acting. You should not even question the subconscious mind. Furthermore, we should not get lost in our heads by thinking about new theories and ideas. Our objective should be to remain in action, and detach from the subconscious to allow it to fully take over our life. This is perhaps the most important point to make here, because when we allow the subconscious to take over, the changes which it has made can come to the fore.

What To Expect

Subliminal messages are a powerful tool to create quick change in your life. The effect will be thorough and automatic, so long as you keep an open-mind to the changes which will occur. Other people will also notice the difference in us, and we are likely to become much more confident and sure of our mental abilities.

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