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Disclaimer: As always, your individual results from the program may vary and these testimonials are no guarantee you'll get the same results. We will provide the techniques for you, but you will always need to put in the effort and commitment to get the IQ level you want.

I started in the second week of March this year (I have not used any other techniques). Since June 15th, I've been training with the advanced technique <deleted>.

As of July 9th, my IQ was 139. I've charted my progress and I seem to be gaining about 5-6 IQ points per month.

After each month of <deleted> I've discovered some new or improved ability. From March to early July, I noticed improved math ability, reasoning skills, wit and creativity, and memory. But around the second week of July, I began to notice that I was recalling things in images. I assumed that this was simply an onset of photographic ability. 4-6 weeks later, I started to notice the other symptoms I spoke about. I had started dreaming more frequently after the first few weeks of <deleted>, but now I dream every time I sleep. Even for one hour naps. The dreams are vivid and are quite thorough (which they seldom were before)

Gavin. Left 20th August 2009. Click here for proof.


Thank you, my initial IQ 1 year ago was 122. Now it is 164 thanks to you're guide! I have a question about PT - How does the coin matter? By it's size, color, metal or silver? What is best? And has anyone ever tried to do this with a magnet?

Left 6th January 2010. Click here for proof.


Hi there

I bought your products at, and you've done a very good job, my IQ reached finally 150 in 3 months of hard work; but you know what? Im proud of it. Now I know that everything is possible and there are no limits. I realised that just about everything is so primitive and mediocre in my surroundings, but Im trying to be as humble as possible. If you would like to you could add this comment as a testimonial.

By the way, Im now a student in the field of electronics, telecommunications and information technology, but as a student I do not have many resources and Im on a budget.

Best Wishes
Steve. Left 20th November 2009. Click here for proof.



1. Can I use the brain harmonics without headphones?

2. Which supplement is crucial for increasing in dendritic complexity? (choline?)

Thank you in advance! So far I've increased my IQ from 122 to 145, thanks to you!

Left 10th August 2009, Click here for proof.


As I progress through my training, my understanding of the techniques grows and I'm even more blown away by the <deleted>.

Its powerful, complex but there's also an underlying simplicity to it too. And for some reason, until now, I've spent almost five months totally oblivious to the idea that <deleted> with the eyes open could give that technique yet another layer of depth. But not only have I become even more appreciative of the fact that your techniques have scary potential, I've also begun to realize the staggering amount of misinformation on IQ and intelligence (and as they relate to genetics) propagated by so called authorities on the subject. I'm really furious and annoyed with academic literature on the subject which misled me for years. Your techniques utterly annihilate quite a few of the more controversial "findings" on things like race/sex/ethnicity and intelligence. (the idea of fixed intelligence is something I'm sure a good many people preferred was true.) That's not to say that gaps between the races etc don't exist, but your techniques shatter the idea that such gaps are an unavoidable result of genetics and they can't be eliminated.

Anyways, just want to say that your ebook has totally changed the way I think about my life now. A couple of months ago, I was very depressed and full of self pity, but as I started to feel the benefits of your techniques, I've developed a strong drive and new ambitions. So thank you for that, I really don't know what state I would be in if I did not possess a tool that provided me with an opportunity to improve my quality of life.

Left 5th August 2009. Click here for proof



This is Alexander writing in from <deleted>. I bought your product "The Complete Guide To Genius" some while ago and have been tring it for a while now with good results. I am a 22 year old undergraduate university student who is now taking a sabbatical from my studies in mathematics, economics and modern Chinese.

Left 20th September 2009. Click here for proof.


I have used the wind audios for the past two days and I have noticed an increase in my concentration ability. What should I be expecting next? Will I increase mathematical and overall analytical ability etc?

Thanks again

Left 24th September 2011. Click here for proof.


Hi, my friends! Thanks a lot for your web lessons. I'm really fascinated by the idea to be another Albert Einstein! Who knows, the most unbelieable things might happen in this mysterious world. The fact is <we should> help humanity and make our planet a better place to live in. My sincere congratulations from the depth of my heart! Yours Avi Grabli

Left 25th January 2011. Click here for proof.



The gains are much bigger and I'm completely satisfied now. I understand everything much quicker now. The problem I didn't notice was that I took the IQ test at night when I was sleepy and couldn't concentrate well. I took three different tests a few days ago and my worst result was 131. (this was the most difficult test I ever took and when I solved it before the exercises my result was 117)......



Left 8th August 2011. Click here for proof.


Hello Genius Intelligence my name is Darin and I have just started using your product The Complete Guide To Genius a week ago and so far my problem solving skills have increased. I have decided to send you a monthly progress report and if you choose you could put them all together to make them a long testimonial.

...I am hoping to gain 10 IQ points a month so by the end of the semester I will have a 140 IQ.

Left 30th August 2010. Click here for proof.


Dear Genius Intelligence Support,

First of all, thank you very much. Your system is amazing and, even if I still can't believe it, it really works.....

Thanks for answering all my questions. You guys do a great job.

Best Regards

Gil. Left 22nd June 2011. Click here for proof

2nd e-mail sent:

Hi guys,

So I've been using your products for a while now and I must say I am so happy I bought them and they really work.

Left 29th September 2011. Click here for proof


Hi. I have been using this guide for 5 weeks now. I have noticed significant gains in concentration. Good leaps in my grammar and improvements in memory.........

Thanks for this product, I will keep you informed with my progress

Left 19th October 2010. Click here for proof.



My name is Jim Mulderij and I bought The Complete Guide To Genius 2 months ago, and I have been busy ever since! I must say that I can feel that my IQ is increasing maybe by 5 to 10 points! But my goal is at least 170. My current IQ is between 130 and 140.

Left 9th June 2011. Click here for proof.


Hi there,

With so many options to train, your guide is a blessing, but it really can make one confused what to do (many techniques, many harmonics etc). I'm now in my exams, and even though I do the occasional session, it's really much fun to see now what the permanent gains were. And I must say that the gains in focus are just incredible......

Thanks and God bless


Left 6th June 2011. Click here for proof.



First of all, I must say your company provides outstanding customer support and I'm only that much more excited to see where this customer-business relationship takes us, because I'm positive that I'm going to get what I paid for, and probably a whole lot more....

Left 9th September 2011. Click here for proof.


Dear Genius Intelligence. Hello again. We recently purchased the main guide along with its bonuses. I've got to tell you- it was amazing! Although sometimes I feel some mild headaches after using some techniques <deleted> but you said its a good thing because it means there is a large amount of improvement that can be made.

Yours Truly


Left 22nd February 2011. Click here for proof.


Hey support,

I thank you for taking the time to read my emails and guiding me. I've had quite great results and I know these techniques work if you are consistent and really put the effort into each session.

Thank you so much


Left 12th February 2011. Click here for proof.



I was just curious because I think I am or might be developing a photographic memory. I am not 100 percent sure about this, but whenever I close my eyes on a certain object, esp. one that stands out I see it in my mind in quite sharp graphic detail. I am surprised because I thought that photographic memory only develops after at least five months of use and I only used the guide for two months.

Left 1st February 2011. Click here for proof.

Second e-mail:

First of all I must say that I feel like I am getting wonderful gains from your guide, and the IQ increase has become quite visible and I can't wait to be a genius.

Left 6th April 2011. Click here for proof.


Hey, first of all I would like to say, I love your Customer Support! You guys always answer my questions to the best of your ability and I like that! So thanks again!


Again, thanks for all your help so far. And would it if you answered my question to the best of your ability! I love your customer support!!!

Left 9th July 2011. Click here for proof.



Your guide is amazing. My IQ is now 151 from 135. Tell me, if I continue to practice hard can I be like the world's smartest people....

Left 13th June 2010. Click here for proof

Second e-mail:


I am enjoying myself with my Complete Guide To Genius and now on quiet a high level of intelligence as I can simply feel it in my head and my life. <questions>


Left 15th September 2010. Click here for proof.



I have been working with <deleted> lately and it really has improved my mental ability. But then also I am not to understand how exactly that happens. I know that by <deleted>....Also it is obvious that my IQ is much more....the technique you give definitely works but how it works remains a big question eo me.

Left 19th January 2010. Click here for proof.


Good day to you sir,

Thank you very much for the tips on how to increase my intelligence and how to become genius. I'm really serious about this thing.....

God Bless You Always


Left 6th October 2010. Click here for proof.


Hi guys,

I have been <deleted> for about 5 months now and am loving results lately. I don't have to study anymore, but rather I absorb information with ease. I am just wondering if I will be something like Will in Good Will Hunting someday.


Scott. Left 7th March 2011. Click here for proof.



Thanks for the prompt response! I am might impressed with the speed at which you respond. I hope I will get the same kind of support while I am in the training. Looking forward to jumping into the training and get to genius levels of intelligence!



Left 21 May 2010. Click here for proof.


Thank you for the method of increasing IQ. Now not only can my level of concentration be improved, but my intelligence has gone up by 15 points after one month practise. I desire further and more difficult methods to boost my intelligence, like mathematics or some rigorous exercises. Thank you!

Left 26th March 2011. Click here for proof.

2nd e-mail:

I am now a student in Viet Nam, last month I had read the book "The Complete Guide To Genius" and honestly, it helped me a lot and really changed my life, more important my intelligence.

Left 31st March 2011. Click here for proof.



I have been using the <deleted> technique for six and a half months, and I have used the advanced technique for two and a half months. My IQ has inccreased by around 30-40 points. I expected more of an increase but I am glad that my IQ has been increasing. I think that I have not seen an increase of a greater amount of intelligence because I am not giving 100% effort.


Thank you for the your help

Titus. Left 22nd February 2011. Click here for proof.


I've been consistently practising the technique of [deleted] for a month now and I've noticed some changes in my life. I've become more aware, more talkative and more witty. I have more ideas to communicate to people instead of not knowing what to say. I've also started to ask smarter questions. I also notice that I talk in a more intelligent way and use more complex vocabulary, and also talk continuously.

I used to be very quiet because I didn't know what to say a lot of times. I have a keener sense of awareness and observation. My listening skills have improved. I am more alert and in the moment. I also read faster now. My friend noticed because he sees me ready with my pen and he notices that the pen is moving faster (little faster than normal) from left to right and down the page.

Wow. I'm amazed by all these changes and am hoping that I will continue to improve intelligence and IQ, maybe to 180! Before I started the technique, I was at 110, now I'm at 123, so it's still a long way to go. Thank you so much for making the guide available!!!


Thanks and God bless
Left 21st March 2010. Click here for proof.


thanks for the response. And thanks for your continued support, the feedback I've received from the support team has been outstanding. Every reply has been concise and straight to the point, much like The Guide itself, for that, I'm extremely grateful.

Your ebook and correspondence have been more of a help to me than any person that's ever given me advice; and it's because your techniques foster REAL changes, there's no wishy washy fluff and [deleted] and pretentiousness in any of the stuff you're involved with (which is rare when it comes to self help advice), it's just exceptionally useful information that you've made available to anyone with a hunger for a happy and satisfied way of life. Your work is true genius and of great benefit to all, certainly worthy of the highest citations and awards.

Matthew. Left November 21st, 2009. Click here for proof.


Dear authors of Genius Intelligence,

Thank you a lot for your explanation! Now we have a greater understanding of the techniques. By the way, we have to admit the information is really mind-blowing and indeed as good as it is claimed. Everything is a thousand times better than conventional mind improvement methods because of the effects it delivers. Nothing is more straightforward and effective! It really is The Complete Guide To Genius! Although we did not perform an IQ test, but we did notice a lot of improvements in terms of intellectual faculties. Thank you for your generosity by making it available to others.

Yours truly
Sincere friends who wished to increase their intelligence
Left 8th February 2010. Click here for proof.


Hi I would just like to inform that after two weeks of using your guide, my IQ has gone up by six points! (from 126 to 132). This is even without my diet being 100% consistent.

Ive forgotten my password for the guide, can you please tell me it? The [information deleted]

Also, Im finding it hard to go and do my [name deleted], any ideas for motivation? Finally, when you say try to avoid eating chips, sugar and drinking sodas, does that mean don't eat them 100%, or could you once in a week have a treat? (ie a pie or so?)

Mahmoud Ugool. Left 20th February 2010. Click here for proof.


 I've been {deleted} since 2 months, and I have great results. Now I have so deep concentration- I have a feeling of a quick and surreal flow of time. When {deleted} I feel tension in my whole brain. When will I be ready for the advance technique, how will I know? Is there a IQ needed for starting the advance technique?
 Thank you in advance! Regards!
 Left 2nd January 2009. Click here for proof.


I've bought your product and I'm very pleased with it. Now I have one question. For at least the past two decades, there's quite a fuss about emotional intelligence. Could you please gives us an understanding of what emotional intelligence is? Also, does the *advanced* schedule of [name deleted] aid in the increase of emotional intelligence? (It's pretty obvious to me that standard [name deleted] increases only the "logical" IQ) If not, are there any ways or techniques that I can implement for increasing emotional intelligence?

With great respect and thankfulness
Andy. Left 26th January 2010. Click here for proof.


Hi Sirs and Madames !!!
Thank you very very much for your truly great wisdom shared with us!!!
You are absolutely sooo right about the truth of <deleted>
So many had not seen this wisdom and I'm glad that you made me realize this!!!
You are truly great people!!!
I wish you more and more blessing and bliss!!!
Josh Deus
Left January 10th 2008. Click here for proof.


Thank you guys!

That was quick.



P.S I'm super excited about this programme. Been using the harmonics for a month and a half now whilst studying, mixed with [name deleted] here and there [I started off with an IQ of 136 and am now on 149 (no joke)]. I must admit, my IQ results seem to fluctuate depending on how much I concentrate but my lowest scores, which were usually at around 120-125 are now at around 130-135 and I've never got 149 before. I seem to be seeing solutions to problems I never could before. It's strange. There is one side effect to a high IQ though, I must admit; your brain is ALWAYS buzzing. ALWAYS! You sit in a room and you have this sudden urge to write your thoughts down, because you realise you're onto something. I looked over some calculus from high school, and the numbers took on a personality of their own. The symbols were more than just that, they began to have meanings. It was weird. I was good at math, but I never understood it to this kind of level.

Oh yeh, should I mention that I'm a medical student majoring in neuroscience (I'm in England). Had an exam yesterday and I could see some of the pages in my head! I'm starting to develop a photographic memory!!

John Evans. Left 9th January 2009. Click here for proof.

2nd e-mail on the same day:

Actually, it's been a bit less than a month.

After having read the harmonics guide, I decided to push myself as the guide suggested. My medical studies are rather intense and I must admit, the first time I used the harmonics, I suffered a significant headache that did not subside for a couple of days.

I use the wind harmonics whilst I'm trying to understand and synthesise the material and the twilight whilst I'm memorising; a mental programme akin to physical circuit training. Intense blasts of harmonics whilst I'm studying for about 30 minutes at a time (until my head feels like its completely overloaded) then a five minute break, followed by the same thing throughout the whole day (until I can no longer handle the harmonics) has been my routine.

I feel this intense programme of mental training has been responsible for my dramatic increase in IQ over the last few weeks. I certainly do feel much sharper, but I must admit, as I mentioned in the earlier e-mail, aloofness and absent mindedness have been side effects of this higher intelligence (I feel like I just wanna sit in a room and absorb myself in my thoughts; thoughts I've never had and questions I've never before pondered] which I shall combat with the other techniques.

In the meantime, I shall continue to use your excellent programme.

Thank you for your prompt rely, and of course, your very amazing product.

Yours Sincerely
John Evans
:Left 9th January 2009. Click here for proof.



I was reading your guide with very much pleasure. Its like a guide for fun and happy life, just great. Its also a little spooky, like a rebirth somehow once you can lose the conventional sight of life!

I will take the first steps now and keep you informed.....


Please just answer when you got the time for, I can imagine that Im not the only one who writes to you.

Thanks and all the best


Left 11th December, 2007. Click here for proof.


Thank You So Much!
Your wisdom, kindness and sincerity are in abundance. Your Teacher of My Teacher must be Very Proud. As Always, You are Wise beyond Your Years and Forever Helpful to others. Thank You so much for Being a Blessing to and for Me. I will work harder with more confidence to clear and free up my mind and it's advanced abilities deeper into the Light!

I will train myself with Your help to use <deleted> in precise complete detail. Seeing everything completely in as Real and Clear Detail as Reality until <deleted>. And So It Is!
Sincerely Your Student, Charles David Murphy

Left 17th January, 2008. Click here for proof.


Greetings to you all,

I truly appreciate your time and courage in making me understand certain principles of effective learning and how well I can achieve my peak potential in being a genius.

I would not want to limit myself by being specific about definite areas of knowledge i.e, my want and wont.

What I would say is that, I love the art of learning and I am glad that people like you are on the other side of life, energising us with inspirational tips and countless examples from the past we never even dreamed of; and that we can be that what we want to be only and only if we employ the right too.....

E. Nyankoon. Left 7th March 2008. Click here for proof.


My IQ is now officially 170!
It happened so quickly!
First I had an IQ of 130, and now I have 170 in only 2.5 months!
My head feels like a Hard Drive with infinite Yottabytes!
I love you!

Left 21st November, 2007. Click here for proof.


your information is much more deeper than the inventor of image streaming Mr. Win Wenger and I appreciate all of you in your team!

thanks a lot.

Ryan Lee

Left 16th January, 2008. Click here for proof.



I must say that your product is truly a miracle which I've been fortunate to discover. There has been enormous improvement in my thought-process, because of the techniques {deleted}.

Lastly, is it possible to rely upon technique and still notice gain? For instance, using the advanced version of {deleted] for 30 minutes or {deleted] for the same amount of time.

Yours faithfully
Left 7th January 2009. Click here for proof.


Thank you very much for "The Complete Guide to Genius". It's really excellent and I am enjoying the exercises.

I have two questions:


Thanks again for the excellent information and structure in the guide.

Warmest Regards

Sean Cook

Left 19th December, 2007. Click here for proof.


The information is awesome. I have noticed my perception is getting keener
John Madison
Left 29th August 2007. Click here for proof.


I bought your product and I have to say, I am quite enjoying it. You seem to know what you are talking about and have a genuine interest in improving the minds of the many.

I appreciate your help very much.



Left 16th August, 2007. Click here for proof.


Thank you for your articles and audio. I've been reading the articles again and again, applying the principles and I listen to the mp3 audio every day. My IQ is improving now. Before I learned from you, my IQ was only 130, now it has skyrocketed, it's 160 now.
Thanks a million for your help.
I'm studying medicine and French at the moment. I'm a sophomore at the University of Medicine [deleted]. I'd be glad to know how the audio helps to increase IQ. How it affects the nerves in our brains?

Left 22nd January 2009. Click here for proof.


I was committed to checking my email daily, just to read your emails. So why did you stop?
I had an IQ of 135 two months ago, now, I have a 144! I'm really please with this. Though it does not mean that I am satisfied with it, I'm not until it's 250 and above! I know it's possible,

Hope that encourages you to resume emailing me...

Left 18th November 2007. Click here for proof.


thank you!

It is an honor that on behalf of your teaching I have felt a boost in my intelligence. I wanted to share this to my other folks. I hope there is a free download of the harmonic to the IQ.

Thank you very much and God bless for the on going products and online lessons

A. Ibalio

Left 20th February, 2008. Click here for proof.


Dear sir,

I can't have words to thank more enough for your great great techniques I ever had, thank you sooooo much dear. God bless you and fill your life with all success.

Noor Qassim
Left 30th January 2009. Click here for proof.


Hi there !
How am I today? For a change I'm wide awake and open to learning and doing !!!
The articles you included at the end of your email are excellent......

Left 19th February 2008. Click here for proof.



Thanks for this e-mail and thanks for the Genius Intelligence program. Yes its a big thanks and I'll tell you why. About a year ago I've started to read and going to implement in my life significant so-called "self-improvement" stuff. To be more concrete: spending an amount of money on different materials, e-books and so on: open minded wanting to change me, and also to get my life on the "right" path. What I want to do now, is not blaming any of those programs, because I'm aware that I couldn't be constant enough in practising, because of other priorities of mine (I became PhD meantime, so I had a lot of work with my Doctoral Thesis). Although I felt some transformation, changes which took place, I have never felt that kind of big "aha!" moment. Feel like always something was missing: the things are like this, but only a poor spark.

That's why I want to thank you, because I think, actually I know that getting this program from you I really found answers to what I've been looking for so long. I mean that: I'm not a kind of person who easily get excited, but now after reading and reading (again), I really am, and the feeling it's justified.

Regarding Genius Intelligence, I have some questions to ask: [etc etc]

Thank you very much again!
Best regards
Left February 2009, Click here for proof


At first I must say thanks, thank you 4 everything you've changed my life. your product is awesome, every page, every line is adorable.....<deletions>

Amin R,
Left 3rd April 2008. Click here for proof.



I just took an IQ test and I scored 146 after 1 week of training, and my score was 126.

and I can't believe it, "omg"


Thanks so much.

Left 29th September 2009. Click here for proof.


Hello! I've been using the guide for 3 months! I am now on the advance {deleted} technique, and my IQ is skyrocketing :) I have a problem with the recovery from the practice. I have a very brain tiring job. Can you give me any advice?

Thank you!
Left 28th January 2009. Click here for proof.


You are welcome

The Complete Guide To Genius is very important to me, you taught me to find the concept of my life and to set some specific rules for myself which will organise my in a better way. Anyway I am very proud that we are communicating together through emails and definitely these topics are very very important for me and for everybody who wants and deserves to have a stable, better and more excellent life.

Talk to you soon
Best Regards from Fellanza.
Left 2nd February 2009. Click here for proof.


Thanks heaps.
I read threw it and wow.
Can't wait to read more!
Thanks again,

Left 14th February, 2008. Click here for proof.



This is <deleted> your trainee.

The <deleted> is working. When I <deleted> something moves inside my head is like a force and my mind has started to change. I am able to understand things fast and I want you to help me increase my IQ fast because I am gong to write CTA examinations on the 25 September 2008 to 3 October 2008. I did not pass the tests that I wrote but I believe that if you can teach me more techniques my IQ will increase and I will be able to pass the examinations.

Left 14 August 2008. Click here for proof.


Hi I have a question.
The guide is amazing and am really enjoying reading it. I think I will do the [deleted] technique to start. If you change to another technique, does your IQ decrease? I mean if you decide to use another technique instead?
From Alex
Left 17th January 2009. Click here for proof.



The training is great and I have never had this feeling of greatness inside me. The reason to this is the teaching and the session that I had come to from the day that I joined this program.

I truly believe that your product will hit the critics with your book and the online lessons.

Angelo Ibalio
Left 8th October 2008. Click here for proof.


As I read into the guide and practice the technique I am starting to notice some difference. Slight differences, but surely there. I am quite impressed. But as I learn more each and every day that this guide truly works, questions about certain techniques or harmonics pop into my head.

[etc etc]

Thank you, I know this is a lengthy e-mail but this guide is just so amazing it's mind boggling and I'm sure I'll have a lot more questions like these in the near future.

All the best!
Left 24th December 2008. Click here for proof.


ya! Its true these techniques are very good. Im following them and I feel happy and more delighted actually for your valuable information.

Chinmayee Saravan
Left 14th October 2008. Click here for proof.


Than you so much for all the mails you sent to me on increasing my IQ. I appreciate it, thanks so much

Left 15 October 2008, Click here for proof


hi, first of all I would like to thank you guys for an excellent well written ebook stuffed with incredible information...

best wishes <deleted> from Sweden.

Left 16th November 2008, Click here for proof.


Hello there,

I've been reading your guide for quite a whole, and I am really impressed. You guys are certainly masters of genius-building techniques. Thanks a lot for showing me the path to becoming an intellectual extraordinaire.

You guys are geniuses
Left 16th December 2008. Click here for proof

2nd e-mail sent to us a few days later:

I enjoyed using "The Complete Guide To Genius", and found it very helpful. You guys must have been through a lot to create such a masterpiece. {etc etc}

Keep up your amazing efforts
Left 18th December 2008. Click here for proof.


Hello Genius guys,

I am very impressed with what I have reviewed so far in regards to the techniques as well as the nutritional points. My question is within 6 to 9 months what technique on average will produce the greatest results in raw intelligence? Would it be {deleted}. Or would the combination of {deleted}. I'm looking to win {deleted} as well as obtaining a 180-190 IQ (hey I can dream right?? lol} so any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Dr Ernest Johnson.
Left 5th December 2008. Click here for proof.


Thank you very much: I like very much the way you are connecting with great minds. Keep it coming.

Left 7th October 2008. Click here for proof.


Thank you so much man. I love you so much.

You're giving a good boost to me. Your making a difference to me. Knowing the strengths to me. Thank you, thank you so much.

Student of masters
Left 8th November 2008. Click here for proof.


The articles are brilliant and useful.

Please keep sending them.

James Duru. Left 15th September 2011. Click here for proof.


Thank you for the wonderful advices and techniques.....I appreciate that and I want more

With my best wishes

Left 8th October 2008. Click here for proof.



Instead of adjusting my frown in the mirror I thought I'd ask you a question concerning my progress.

At first my progress was rapid. The first month I gained a whopping 18 points! I was using {deleted}. I noticed that I overtrained and following a member of your support team's advice, I backed off to a maximum of one hour a day. My new workout consisted of {deleted}.

[etc etc]

Im very satisfied with your wonderful customer support and would greatly appreciate your take on what is happening here.


Left 19th December 2009. Click here for proof.


Dear Friends

Im a very satisfied customer and need a bit of information. I know about the big potential of your guide and want to thank you for your great work. I now work with it for about 1.5 year what helped me to heighten my IQ for about 20 points. I go to college again, what means I want to go on with the progress. I take the supplements you propose and work with your audio almost every day for minimum 20 mins. <deleted>

Best regards.

Left 28 October 2008. Click here for proof


My beloved.

All I have to say is thanks for this great work of yours. I really appreciate God for bringing me to your door-step at this point in time.

Dr Parker.
Left 31st October 2008. Click here for proof



I have read the book in the past and I downloaded the updated version for the free bonuses which are definitely worth the price. Thanks!

Anyways I wanted to ask <deleted>

Thanks again.

Left August 4th 2008, Click here for proof.


Hello, I increased my IQ from 122 to 145, and I've kept going! Thank you, your guide is one of a kind! I have a question - <deleted>

Thank you!

A. Cougar
Left 3rd July 2009, Click here for proof


Hello sir! This is one of your members. I am really grateful to you for helping me to increase my IQ. Your techniques are absolutely excellent and I have started feeling the change. I feel more smarter than before.

I wanted to ask you about "mensa". Please tell me abouts its membership and suggest some study material for preparation of mens'as qualification test.

thank you!

Left 14th August 2008. Click here for proof.


Hi guys

I have been using your guide for around two months now. I was enjoying the mental ecstasy it brings me after every <deleted> session. If I should become become a genius in the future and reach the level of IQ I wanted, can I stop the audio increaser and my level of intelligence be sustained just by the advanced techniques using <deleted>?

P.S By the way I do <deleted> whilst [using] the audio increaser for 6 days a week.

Michael Genovana

Left 21st August, 2009. Click here for proof


There's no doubt that there has been a marked increase in my overall intelligence. I went into this with an intelligence in the range of a standard deviation below the mean. I had difficulty with comprehension of basic concepts, reading, writing and arithmetic.

In the couple of weeks since, every aspect of my life has changed. I'm absorbing information and learning new things like a sponge. I'm learning french, german, spanish, and can already speak, read, and write in all three of these languages well enough to get by. Where previously I struggled with the basic concepts of arithmetic, I'm now wading my way through Calculus and Trigonometry. I've discovered a particular joy in unravelling the mysteries of physics. As of late I've been studying electricity and magnetism, but I hope to progress to more advanced and modern topics (relativity, quantum mechanics, and eventually things like string theory and membrane theory) in due time.

Sometimes when I'm reading a book, I'll close my eyes and the whole page will come to me like a picture.

I have no problem handling large numbers in my head and sometimes I find myself staring out the window manipulating and rearranging vast arrays of equations in my mind. Sometimes for no reason other than to unravel a particularly sticky intricacy of higher dimensions. (linear system representations of them anyways)

I've never touched a piano in my life. I picked that up especially quickly and am working on a concerto of my own. My friend (who is a piano teacher) told me I play with the technical virtuosity of a master. And I've never touched or considered the piano at any point in my life up until a week and half ago.

I've had my intelligence tested by several different agencies in the past four days and my intelligence has ranged roughly evenly distributed over 4 to 5 standard deviations above the mean (160 to 175 IQ).

I feel I can reach even greater intellectual heights.

<deleted> I'm working on something that may solve the problem of lack of oxygen flow to the brain. My solution will require nano-scale fabrication though and technology in that department may have a few years to go before it catches up with the theory I am developing.

I'm terribly interested in how any of this was possible. I have clear memories of myself before I started your program. I wasn't technically "mentally challenged" (to borrow from the modern euphemisms of educational jargon in this topic) but I was close to that range. I struggled with understanding simple topics and could hardly focus on the simplest of ideas for more than a few seconds.

Now I feel I'm one of the smartest people alive. And what bugs me the most is I truly don't understand how you did it. Your methods are complex and subtle and I hope to understand and maybe someday improve on them.

Left Wednesday 23rd October 2008. Click here for proof part 1, part 2


Dear Sir
Surprisingly, my every encounter with your programs and activities have increased my intelligence. I am more conscience or focused and am able to manage a lot of information in a more effective manner.

Thank you kindly

And God bless you all

Left 24th March 2009. Click here for proof.


..well, to start it I have used your complete guide to genius book for 2 weeks and I did over 6 top IQ tests and well, I didn't believe my eyes. I increased my IQ by 30 points in only 2 weeks! it is now 140!!!

Ali Bouliyan
Left 29th June, 2008. Click here for proof.

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