The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is a good way of expressing the influence of thoughts on the world around us. The concept of the butterfly effect is that very small things can create big changes over time.

Lets say for example we think about wealth, prosperity and happiness all the time. Eventually we will end up being wealthy, prosperous and happy! This is because our thoughts have a very subtle influence on both ourselves and the environment around us, so what you think about in some form is going to manifest in your life.

That's why its important that we keep our body in a healthy condition. When our body is healthy, our mind will be healthy as well. And when the mind is healthy, we have more control over the thoughts which occur in it. When the body is diseased through a less favourable diet, our mind also becomes disease, leading to thoughts of disease, lack and low.

Therefore its important that we take charge of our lives by firstly taking charge of our bodies. Then will follow the obedience of our minds.

When we have the obedience of our mind, we should focus on those thoughts which are in tune with our goals. For example, if you wish to be an actor, you need to think about acting all the time. If you wish to be an inventor, you need to think about inventing all the time. These subtle thought shifts in our thinking will start to influence the world around us, so that what you think about, is brought about.

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