The Key In Detachment

In order for your dreams to manifest, it is necessary for you to detach from it. The reason for this is because it is the subconscious mind with its power and intuition which will give us the correct thoughts and ways of acting to reach our goals. We must therefore allow the subconscious mind to get to work, by not interfering with its operation. Below you will find a list of helpful suggestions to help you on the path to genius through the laws of detachment:

1. After setting your intention, only review it for a maximum period of 2-3 minutes per day. Do this in a time and place where you will not be disturbed.

2. Do not think of your intention through the day. Simply get on with acting towards your goals, and being in a state of complete forgetfulness of your goal. When you do this, you allow the subconscious mind to get to work. The subconscious mind must allow things to happen within the cosmic and Divine order of the universe. The timing is therefore critical to the subconscious mind, and it must therefore be allowed to get to work on its own without our conscious mind interfering with it. We do this by deciding to shut up and act towards our goal. We shut off all thoughts in our mind, become completely engrossed in the moment and get on with it.

3. Should your intention pop into your mind from time to time, you must reinforce it by adding thought to it. This lets your subconscious mind know that you are serious about making the intention come true. By reinforcing it consciously, you are also imprinting a deeper suggestion in the subconscious mind. This is because the thought came from the subconscious mind, so the thought which you experienced consciously has its roots in the subconscious. What you then reinforce the thought at this time, you are reinforcing the thought from its root in the subconscious. You are therefore imprinting your intention deeper into the subconscious and into the root of your being.

4. The law of detachment seems to contradict the laws of focus, but this is not true. The law of focus states that what you focus on, is what you will get. The law of detachment says that what you focus on and detach from you will get. The truth is that focus is not just about the mental thought of your goal. It is also about the physical action and behavioural focus towards your goal. Therefore the law of focus and detachment are still in harmony, in that it is only the thought of the goal which we detach from, although we continue to go towards the goal with our actions and behaviours.

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