The Mind Is A Radio

The mind is a radio in the exact sense of the word. Whenever you think, or even when you are not thinking, a very delicate and specific frequency is always being emitted. This frequency influences the environment around you, and also the whole universe. There are several affects created by the frequency of your brainwaves so it is important we understand this fully. Therefore, below are some lessons:

1. Whatever frequency you emit, the exact same will be attracted back.

This is due to the Law Of Attraction which is one of the fundamental laws discussed elsewhere. Frequencies also attract the same. It explains why we tend to go through the same cycles over and over, without understanding why, and even though we change our actions and behaviors. The real cause was the subtle frequencies which we were emitting, and which were attracting to us circumstances which we were not aware of. If you feel rich, you will attract it back. If you feel strong, you will attract it back. Whatever way you feel, is the frequency which is being emitted. Now you are aware, and now you know the case, so we have the power to change it.

2. The mind receives frequencies as well.

All minds in the world emit frequencies. These frequencies travel in a medium called the Schumann Resonance, which is the electric charged field of the earth. We are always influenced by the thoughts of other people, and also too of the environment we are in. It is therefore important that we always actively attempt to maintain our beliefs and momentum towards our goals. Doing it passively will make us fall into the frame of beliefs and attitudes of other people by default, because of the nature of our minds communicating with one another in a subtle way.

3. Having a sole focus and direction in life allows you to control others indirectly.

When you have a sole focus and direction, the frequency which you emit will be extremely specific yet singular and bulked at the same time. The result will be that it penetrates into the minds of everyone around you to be processed in their minds, so that their actions and behaviors are all such, that your goal becomes easier to accomplish. You will find that luck is always at your doorstep and massive opportunities open up without even trying.

What To Expect

When we understand and realise that our mind is in fact a natural radio, we will be able to fine tune our settings through awareness and doing things in the right way. We will find that luck is all around and eager to help us. We will also move towards our goals without any effort whatsoever. Everything will be shown to us if we have the right mental frequencies.

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