The Mind Must Be Kept Busy

The mind must be kept busy, means keeping your mind in such a state, that it is always either increasing in strength, or moving you closer towards your goals. As you increase the strength of your mind, you will automatically move even closer towards the realisation of your goals. The key here is building the power of your mind on a continuous basis. Doing this will ensure your success.

1. Always live in the moment

Living in the moment means focusing on the here and now, instead of the future or the past. When you continuously live in the moment, you will find your mental powers increasing considerably. You will have much greater focus, clarity, vision, efficiency, motivation, thoughts, ideas and everything else in between. All of this happens when you exercise momentary living. It essentially frees your consciousness to do alternative things.

2. Always improve the strength of your mind

You improve your minds strength by sticking to a vegetarian-orientated diet. This is by far the easiest way to improve your consciousness from the basics up. With a vegetarian diet, you increase the strength yet lightness of your consciousness. You therefore make it easier to expand your mind and make it go in the direction you want.

3. Think positive thoughts and have positive feelings

Positive thoughts will build on top of one another, so you essentially end up with a super positive mindset. This in turn also leads to positive feelings, so that you feel good on a consistent basis. This increases your motivation, efficiency and everything else.

4. Keep making progress every day

At the end of every day, you should always know and be aware about how much progress you have made towards your goals. This knowing will make you feel even more optimistic and driven to achieve more. Daily progress ensures high levels of daily results. This is the perfect way to achieve all of your goals.

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