The Raikov Effect

The Raikov effect refers to a person's ability to mimic and take on the mindset of another person. For example, by pretending and acting like Albert Einstein, we can take on his mindset and access his way of thinking. The value of this is that we can extract a lot more information and ideas, than if we simply rely on our own way of thinking. Below you will find some important lessons to help you implement this procedure correctly:

1. The Raikov Effect is induced when you pretend you are someone else.

This means we see things from their point of view, move like they do, and take on their mannerisms. We can connect to the nature of that mindset through the unconscious.

2. The Raikov Effect means we can take on our end-goal persona.

In other words, we can take on the mindset we would have if we had achieved our goals. The effect of this is that we will become in mental alignment with our goal itself, so that the changes to move towards it takes place effortlessly.

3. We can gain insight into problems and solve them more easily.

In essence, mindset is not a fixed construct at all. It is subject to chop and change, because it is a filter by which our realities our created. To change the filter will change the information which flows into the reality.

What To Expect

You can use the Raikov method to understand what progress you must make to reach your goals. In fact, you will only reach your goals when you have obtained the appropriate and correct mindset, so it is useful to take it on and understand how we can strive towards it through subtle mindset changes. Only then, can we begin to improve our reality, by firstly deciding to improve ourselves.

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