The Strange Secret In Memory

Can you remember the last time you forgot something? If you can't even remember the last time you didn't remember, then why bother trying to remember it in the first place?

The secret in our memory is that it fundamentally flawed when we rely on it to get through life. We should never rely on it on its own. The flaw can be explained like this: Things which we wish to remember must be kept in our awareness consistently for it to be remembered. However:

1. Our life is always changing, and new things are always entering our awareness.

2. The multiple things we wish to remember are multiple additions to our awareness.

3. Our dreams come true in the quickest way when we have a sole focus/goal and live in the moment for The Law Of Detachment and Attraction to work. However, when we live in the moment, you do not make use of your memory, except for in that moment. Also, when you have a sole focus, you do not add multiple things into your awareness which are outside the scope of your goal.

The fundamental weakness of memory is therefore that the more we remember outside of the moment and outside the scope of our focus/goal, the less inclined we are to achieve our goals! The secret is that the more we live in the moment and the more single our vision/goal, the greater the tendency to rely less on memory!


A. every atom of knowledge outside the scope and focus of your goal is a complete waste of time and will make it harder for you to achieve your goals. There is absolutely zero worth in it. When we learn things outside of our goal, we are wasting our time and our focus.

B. When you have a sole focus and live in the moment, you will appear to lack knowledge in everything apart from your focus. All your knowledge will eventually be related to your focus and goal because all of your energy will be going into your goal. In your focus, will be all the power and energy of the world because it is so laser targeted.

C. When you are living in the moment and have become the right person for your goal (through evolving your mindset and character) you will have a zero memory, but know practically and exactly what you will need to do in any situation pertaining to your goal. This level is the level of genius. The power and being become so specialised and so engulfed in the goal, that not only is the goal achieved, but the whole body and mind knows what to do without the need of any thought or memory to assist it.

There is no need for alarm, because this occurrence and reality is not to be confused with forgetfulness through memory loss and negative brain states. In our case, the brain state becomes so specialised that there is no conscious need for memory in any way whatsoever. If you are experiencing memory loss by not respecting your memory, then there are techniques out there to put it in a positive tendency. However, the true secret of memory is to live in the moment and only have one goal, so that we don't even need to have a memory or be aware of it in any form in the first place (true forgetfulness). Consider this comparison: Person A knows a little about everything. Person B knows every single possible thing about Y, and nothing else. Person A has no memory or mental focus. Person B will not only be the supreme expert, but he will have a tendency and disposition to have no knowledge or a memory capacity in non-Y topics.

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