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Thought is the most basic and pure form of energy in the universe. It is therefore contained in all things, since energy is the fundamental substance of the universe, where thought is the purest form of energy. Below you will find some facts about thought and consciousness that will help you achieve your mental goals:

1. Thoughts and consciousness are the most basic form of energy.

This is exactly what all the religious scriptures of old have been harping on about for thousands of years - that there is a consciousness present everywhere. The scientific evidence of the power of thought and consciousness on the very fabric of physical reality is overwhelming. The final frontier of science is to understand and discover just how much power thoughts really have. This is an exciting age of discovery, where consciousness and the colossal power of the mind is truly revealed.

Here are some interesting things which top scientists have discovered about consciousness and energy:

a) Dr. John Hagelian (Harvard University physicist, winner of the Kilby International Price and Ig Nobel Prize) has shown that deep meditative states of consciousness have the same physical properties and quantitative measurements as those present in unified field theories. This means that deep states of consciousness are identical to the deepest and most grand theories of how existence operates. In very simple terms, the most fundamental area of reality IS consciousness.

b) Professor Steven Weinberg (Nobel Prize for Physics, 1979) said that there are infinite possibilities existing within any space. This means that there are infinite combinations of energy in existence right now. The only reason you perceive one particular "form" of energy and solid reality is because you are "tuned" into that frequency. This means that consciousness - as a form of energy - has infinite combinations also present .

c) Professor Max Tegmark (Massachussets Institute Of Technology) and Professor Roger Penrose (Oxford University) have debated hugely on the effects and interrelation between consciousness and reality using many models. Anything that can be created mathematically must also exist as a physical construct somewhere in the universe, due to the infinite combinations of energy present.

2. Thoughts are always received. They are never produced by us directly.

Thoughts come from your subconscious mind. They are not created by you directly. The thoughts you have are already existing "somewhere" in existance. They exist because all forms of energy already exist throughout all time and space. What you are doing when you have thoughts is simply "receiving" the information that is already out there.

This is why sometimes you can have thoughts which you may feel "are not your own" or seem to be inspired from external places. Gut feelings and intuition are common examples of foreign thoughts being received.

3. We can attract the right thoughts into our life in 2 ways:

A. by doing things in the right way so that we receive the right thoughts. This is because it is how we do things, as opposed to what we do that makes a significant difference in our lives.

And B: By manipulating the process of how we receive the thoughts on the thought plane. i.e. by forcing our thoughts forward from the subconscious mind. You do that by being highly focused, living in the moment, being driven to your goals and keeping full control of your mind.

This is why so many people advocate the benefits of meditation. Meditation helps you to control your mind and access deeper mental power. It is the ultimate way to expand control of your mind, and get the right thoughts into your life this way.

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What To Expect

When you truly begin to appreciate the pure power of your thoughts alone, you open the door to respecting its power and using it to further the cause of your dreams. It is vital that we master the process of getting the right thoughts from the universe, so that we can master our lives and become the best.

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