Thoughts Are Received.
Actions Are Received.

The thoughts which we have, and the actions which we perform, are all received. We are not responsible directly for anything that happens in our life. Our life is always panning out, and we merely nudge life in whichever direction we want, through our thoughts. Below, you will find some critical understandings to help you understand the nature of yourself, in relation to the thoughts which you have. This will help you understand that extreme intelligence is both natural and easy to obtain:

1. Thoughts are received by us from the unconscious mind.

They come to us through the subconscious in the middle. The subconscious is nothing more than a filter and barrier.

2. Actions are also received by the unconscious mind.

We can sometimes perform actions and not be aware of them at all. We are also always moving physically, but are not in control of the process. The action is received unconsciously. For example, our heart beat is uncontrollable, as is our digestive system, liver and stomach functions etc. We have no control over their processes. They simply do things of their own accord. These are received processed from deeper levels of mind.

3. We need to have a strong connection with the unconscious, for the right thoughts and actions to arise.

We do this in several ways, mainly those techniques as taught in the secret entries in The Complete Guide To Genius.

What To Expect

When we make the right thoughts and actions through a strong unconscious link, we are buying ourselves an easy ticket to reach our goals. Not only will action become effortless, but we will make the right decisions, and attract the right situations into our life. It is a strategy which allows for success in all areas of your life.

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