A Tidy House Is A Tidy Mind

The environment around you can have a strong effect on your mind, and this is completely so in the case of your base environment: the home. If your home is a mess, then your mind will be a mess as well, because the way your home is organised is because of the way things operate in your mind. Below, you will find some key lessons to help you harness the positive aspects of this simple step, to aid towards your goals.

1. Make sure your whole home is tidy and clean.

If it is a mess, it will block the free flow of energy around your home. When energy can pass freely throughout your home, you can also freely receive the goodness in life through new ideas, gifts and ways of doing things.

2. Make sure your home complements your personality and identity.

This will allow you to specialise in your life even more and therefore create sufficient focus for you to invest enough energy and time into your goals. We can allow the home to complement the identity, by only keeping those things which reflect it. Things which you used to use 5-6 years ago should be thrown out or sold.

3. Be mindful of feng shui lessons and how they affect your home.

There are flows of energy around the home which we are not aware of. Being mindful of feng shui lessons will allow us to make sure that the positioning of our furniture and valuables, allows us to complement the natural flow of energy around the home. This will have immediate effects on your consciousness in the form of increased clarity and focus towards your goals. It will also help to improve your wealth, relationships, health, career etc. There is no need to follow feng shui itself, because its correct application requires a lot of trial and error. It is better to learn to perfect your mindset instead.

4. If you live with someone else, make sure your room is always tidy.

The person or persons you live with might not be the most efficient or tidiest of people. You must therefore ensure that you do not follow into the same pattern as them, and instead, you should ensure your room remains tidy and clean at all times.

What To Expect

When you keep a tidy home, not only will you feel better, but you will also become more efficient and clear in the vision of your goal. This will allow you to leapfrog your progress and achieve the results you desire in record time.

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