Tools In Meditation

Meditation is extremely easy and requires very little knowledge or expertise to do. We use major aspects of meditation in some way or other all the time without even realising. This is because meditation is not anything unique in itself, but simply the extension and prolonging of various states of mind. It is this prolonging which eventually results in receiving the correct sequence of genius intelligence thoughts.

The key benefit of meditation is to quieten the mind, and seed our goals at the level of intuition and subconscious thought. This will therefore allow us to easily obtain our goals in life, because the actions, behaviours, attitudes and thoughts which result will come from the subconscious root where we seeded our goal.

To begin, you should make sure you are in a comfortable place in which you will not be disturbed. In this place, you can either be sitting up, or lying down. However, i would recommend sitting up more-so because it will prevent you from falling asleep or becoming drowsy.

The next step is to take some slow and deep breaths. This will help to cut the chain of thoughts which you are receiving, resulting in a quiet and calm mind.

Next, you can either remain in this completely quietened state, or you can begin to see an image in your mind. This image will be your end goal or desire. We cannot have what we cannot conceive, so we must see our end goal in order for it to be conceived.

Finally, do this for 3-4 minutes as a minimum per day. The changes will take place automatically in your life as it should. This change will come about in the form of increased intuition, synchronicities and coincidences towards your goal. If you wish to practice it for longer, i would do so for 45-60 minutes on a single occasion per week. Any longer and you will slow down your progress considerably.

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