The Uselessness Of Debate And Argument

Unless your dream is to become a debater, there are definite and clear reasons for why debate is a waste of time. The primary reasons is because time is running out in the first place. We simply do not have time to debate. The more time we spend messing around with futile things, the less time we are giving ourselves to donate and invest in our goal. It is therefore important that we understand this topic fully, so that we can give ourselves the best chances of doing the right thing and investing towards the monumental end-goal you have set yourself.

1. When we engage in debate, we are gaining useless knowledge.

Remember the fact that all true knowledge is found through practical experience. We do not understand by exchanging ideas and contemplating them. We understand by actually doing things with our mind and body together.

2. We should only invest our energy in mind and body towards our goals.

Everything we do has creative power. Therefore, if we debate, we are putting our creative energy into it and bringing ourselves closer to its manifestation. However instead, we should only ever be investing in our goal, because that is what we want to come about. Debate is therefore detrimental.

3. Debating gives you a tendency to analyse.

When we analyse, we will begin to form it as a habit. Therefore, when intuition is showed to us, we will analyse and disregard it. What we are supposed to do instead is to recognise and act on the intuition when it comes.

What To Expect

When we refrain from debate and simply let things be, we allow ourselves to only act, think and move towards our goals. This is a true focus and investment towards it which will allow us to catapult our progress and gain enormous insight. This understanding is therefore a necessary tool in your arsenal if you are to achieve distinction in your life, whether it be academic, business, relationships or whatever.

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