Visualise For One Hour Per Week

Visualisation is the most underrated tool to help you achieve your goals. You can read about some its secrets here. From that article, you will begin to realise the flexibility and power which visualisation gives. However, even more so, is that to visualise is critical to your success, in that it is compulsory. Below you will find some tips to help you understand the monumental importance of this:

1. Visualising for one hour per week is sufficient for the subconscious.

The subconscious mind is directly impacted and influenced when we decide to visualise. Our aim here is to see our end-goal clearly in our mind, and live the experience in as full and clear a detail as possible. This will allow the impression to imprint in the subconscious, and therefore our actions and mannerisms will become influenced automatically to aid towards the goal.

2. Visualisation reminds you of your goal.

If we cannot feel, see or sense our goal, we will not be motivated to pursue it. It is only through repeated and consistent effort to remind ourselves of our goal, that we can actively strive to achieve it. It gives us a clear mental direction to pursue, and we simply need to follow that up with the correct bodily movements, behaviors and attitudes.

3. Visualisation establishes a structural link to our goal.

Creative energy can travel from one distance to another, beyond the bounds of a Newtonian universe. By knowing clearly what our goal is, we establish structural resonance with it through our mental thoughts. Our energy therefore goes from within us to our goal directly. Remember: where focus goes, energy glows. If we establish a mental link to our goal, we have an unconscious focus to it. Our creative energy therefore goes into the goal to help it manifest. All we have to do is move towards it physically on the material plane, whilst maintaining our mental focus.

What To Expect

When you establish a strong structural link to your goal, your life will turn around very quickly. You will become a lot more focused and resolute in taking action, and your life will have focus and direction. Also, the situations which you experience in your life will tend to conspire towards your goal and progress will become extremely productive. It will also help you regain your faith when you are feeling down.

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