Nine Easy Peasy Ways To Improve
Your Memory

There are many reasons why our memories will sometimes struggle to recall the information we need. However, the fault is not with the memory process itself, but instead lies with the way the person has actually used their memory resources to create the problem. Below you will find 9 tips to help put your memory on the right track. These are extremely basic tips and are in no way to be considered an extensive memory improvement program, though you will still go far following this:

1. Learn to remain organised and plan your life

When you plan your life, your life becomes planned. So what you plan for is what you will get. Simple as that. After you have set your plan, learn to become organised around it, both physically, mentally and behaviourally. Physically, we mean through the organisation of our environment which is also called tidiness. Mentally, through the organisation of our thoughts and behaviourally through the organisation of our actions. This will help your memory, because you become less confused as to which direction you are going in life, allowing your mind more breathing space to operate.

2. Always eat healthy foods

This means plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as fibrous staples such wholemeal bread and brown rice. Oily fish is also particularly good, but its important to stay away from artificial foods such as hamburgers and fries. Saturated fat as a whole is a big no. What's good for the body is good for the mind, so healthy foods on their own will go a long way to improving your memory.

3. Get abundant sleep

This goes without saying but hardly anybody truly understands the importance of sleep. Sleep is not just about allowing the body and mind to rest. It is about re-adjusting your mind to be ready for the next day.

4. Become consistent in exercise

Cardiovascular activity will help your heart and body remain healthy. This will aid your memory because consistent exercise in itself helps to widen the arteries to allow more nutrients to reach the brain.  

5. Become an expert in a topic

By this, i don't mean that you become an exclusive expert, but more that you choose to learn something new. This can be ideas in a book, a new way of doing things, learning a language, memorising poetry or whatever.

6. Play memory games

How about doing something geeky and playing chess with a friend in your head? Other things like playing bingo also help to improve memory.

7. Learn to connect with people

Good conversation will allow you to fall in "the zone" which is a state of peak mental performance. Inspiration, intuition and true understanding come from this state of mind. It is important to achieve this state regularly, and learning to connect with others is simply one step to aid in this.

8. Limit external influences

These include such nuisances such as newspapers, TV and radio. These are not good for you, because you will repeatedly here and see the mistakes, failings and limitations of others. Don't focus on the mistake. Instead, focus on the correct way of doing things which is through practice of the perfect mindset and the way of acting and behaving. Also, do not listen to what other people say. They can only guide you by speaking highly of you. By limiting external influences, we gain clarity of thought and clarity of mind. This allows the right information and memories to flow to us.

9. Write things down

When you write something down, you understand more clearly. When you write down what you are trying to memorise, you see that memorisation from a different perspective. Sometimes we can memorise whole paragraphs of text and recall them perfectly, but if we try to  recall the text midway through, we stumble. This is because the neurons have only been created in the response to the whole text from start to end. So to begin half way through and continue to do this will build more neurons and this also applies in the case where you put pen and paper and decide to write your thoughts down.

Improve Memory

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