What Does A High IQ Mean?

IQ stands for "intelligence quotient" and there are many advantages and disadvantages of having a high or low IQ. These effects are across health, relationships, academics, skills, spirituality and every area of our life that we can think of.

A High IQ And Genius Intelligence

There is a stereotype out there that the greater your intelligence quotient score, the closer you are towards genius. This would make sense to most people, because if you are to score higher on an IQ test which aims to assess many key intelligence areas like problem solving, spatial ability, language and maths, you are much more likely to score higher in the game of life and achieve genius. This is false. Although having a high IQ is important, it is not the be-all and end-all. There are other things to consider such as vision, motivation, momentary living, perseverance etc etc. IQ is simply another factor along the line.

True, it is safe to say that the higher your IQ, the more likely you are to be able to land high IQ type jobs such as an interim finance manager, CEO, lawyer, doctor etc but these professions are in no way an implication of mental supremacy.

A High IQ And Life Achievement

Most people agree that happiness is the root goal that we aim for in life. Most people also agree that a high IQ in no way implies that you are going to be happy or sad in any way whatsoever. Instead, what creates the happiness or sadness is what you do with your life and the way that you use your intelligence.

There are those with a low IQ who achieve monumental feats in their life, such as through amassing immense wealth, achieving happiness or inner peace. There are also others who have a mediocre or normal IQ who achieve extremely high feats, just as much as there are people who do not achieve anything and go with the flow of life. And then there are those that have very high IQ's, and achieve very little. What this in effect tells you, is that IQ is not the only factor to consider in life achievement, or that the IQ does not measure other components which are critical.

Life achievement is about knowing what you want, and then going out there to get it with the inner mental resources, discipline and strength which you acquire through practice. A high IQ in relation to this, is merely another resource which we can use.

Our goal should be to use and practice the immense knowledge which a high IQ can give us, as opposed to simply amassing that knowledge. In fact, knowledge in itself has no power whatsoever, until it is utilised by you and I. So set your goal, and live your life in a way that you are continually refining and practising perfection of the application of knowledge - a high IQ helps to get the knowledge, but you must use the other resources alongside it to truly apply it.

What To Expect

A high IQ does not measure everything which creates genius or life success. When we understand this, we will realise that the IQ on its own is simply a rough measure of your capacity to acquire and manipulate knowledge. Our emphasis should therefore be to achieve the IQ which allows us to acquire the knowledge towards our goals. Then we must apply this knowledge correctly, and therefore achieve genius in our lives.

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