What Makes Someone A Genius?

Below, you will find some important lessons about what makes someone a genius.

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Hundreds of intellectual heavy weights have existed throughout the ages and each one can reveal unique and spectacular insights into what it is that created their brilliance.

However, the quest to determine what has made these people such geniuses has revealed many controversial findings. One finding is that having a high IQ is not the only thing that makes you a genius. For example, the modern writer Marilyn Savant has been measured to possess an IQ of 220, yet she has achieved little academic or "genius-like" acclaim. On the other hand, Nobel Prize winners who are geniuses in their own right can have IQ's as far down as 115-120. The aim of this article therefore, is to educate the reader that there are additional factors to consider apart from IQ, which separates the high or low IQ person from the status of "genius".

These factors which make someone a genius are discussed below:

1. The superior mindset thinks creatively.

In other words, there is an emphasis on following intuition above all else which is created through connecting the mind to its subconscious foundation. When you allow the subconscious mind to do the talking, you can bypass the conscious mind completely. The subconscious can consider all perspectives put together and at the same time. The conscious mind on the other hand can only follow one line of thinking and considers limited data. The superior mindset in embracing creativity through intuition in the subconscious, therefore allows the creativity and brainpower to increase exponentially.

2. Multiple perspectives and possibilities are considered by a genius.

Multiple perspectives means that the superior mindset can consider and understand other people's views, without such views even needing to be expressed. This will happen when you are extremely open-minded and are able to shown a genuine interest in other people's ideas without critical judgement. In turn, it allows a connection to the subconscious mind to be made, because it is open minded and non judgemental itself. The secret here is that mimicking the subconscious mind consciously is allowing you to think more like an intellectual super heavy weight.

3. Masters are always learning and improving.

Here is a secret which almost nobody truly understands: Whatever you do, there is always a better way of doing it. The reason is there is always more to learn in our lives, and more that we can improve on. Masters realise this, so they are always improving themselves and making adjustments on a daily basis. That way, they can move closer towards achieving the perfect mindset.

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4. The inner voice has more weight than other people's opinions.

This is because your inner voice is a natural device which is connected to the natural greatness within you, found deep inside your subconscious and unconscious minds. The majority of other people's opinions are unnatural, in that they are perspectival and biased.

5. The thoughts of a genius are visible to the world.

In other words, they will practically apply their thoughts and put them into action, either through writing, invention, achievement etc

6. There is extreme productivity.

This is achieved by setting extremely tight deadlines, being focused and knowing what you have to do to achieve your goals. This is always being improved upon, because new lessons are always being learned.

7. There is an emphasis to give.

In other words, there is an attempt to create something new and give it to the world. The power of this lies in the fact that "giving is receiving" is a law of energy. A proper vision is therefore not to take and receive for personal fame and fortune. We should give, because we already have the feeling having everything already.

8. They can clarify their thinking by taking on a metaphorical perspective.

For example, using everyday occurrences, situations and objects as metaphors for complex theories and problems, allows a unique perspective for new ideas to be created.

9. They detach from their outcomes and live in the present moment.

When we live in the moment, the subconscious mind takes over. When this happens, whatever beliefs the subconscious has is what is going to manifest. The master therefore takes the steps to perfect their beliefs so that the subconscious can make them true and express it when we are in the moment.

10. Failure does not exist in their world.

When one idea or project fails they simply move on to the next one, because a failure is simply a lesson learned. The more lessons that are learned, the closer we move towards having the right mindset and attitude to make our dreams a reality.

11. Genii understand that it is not what they do, but how they do it that makes them what they are.

We never achieve anything in life by simply working hard or pushing ourselves towards our goal. We achieve only when we realise that we already have the goal. We simply need to allow it to come to fruition, through the correct way which complements our own nature.

12. Genii have a set goal which they focus their whole lives towards, until completion.

We cannot have two focuses in our life. We need to dedicate our resources solely to our goal, until it fully manifests. The more energy we can supply towards our goal, the greater will be the corresponding success and insight which we gain towards it.

A. The central lesson here is that there are many things which contribute to genius and not just one or two things. The more you are able to use these principles and apply them gradually in your life, the more you will move closer to achieving true genius.

A. Learn to focus your mind as much as possible, and to spend as much time as possible in doing the things where your genius is going to arise. The more you are able to spend your time correctly and get your mind and body focused, the more the other qualities will fall into placr a lot more naturally and easily.

What To Expect

When we master the principles and skill-sets described above, our life will become the fantasy and envy of others. We will become successful beyond our wildest dreams, and progress towards our goals will become effortless. We should therefore take the steps to learn these lessons effectively, so we can achieve our dreams.

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