Why Increase IQ

Increasing your IQ is a topic that most people would love to know the secrets to. The secret is that IQ increase is both easy and natural if you understand the reasons how and why. Below, you will find some reasons as to why you should increase your IQ in the 21st century:

1. A higher IQ helps you pass exams and achieve success in academics by saving you time and reducing the effort required.

There are many students out there who study extremely hard, only to end up with C grades despite their efforts. The problem was not the effort they put in. The problem was their IQ and intelligence level. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that they did not possess the brain capacity to reach those higher grades. When you take the steps to increase your IQ you will reduce the time taken to revise because you are learning things quicker, freeing up plenty of hours every week to follow other pursuits and passions.

2. A high IQ brings you more success in business by helping you analyse problems and reduce business costs.

When you are more intelligent, you will have the mental capacity to understand complex business problems, and devise solutions. The ultimate solutions in business are to reduce costs and increase profits. You will also be able to clearly express your ideas to clients and win more business. It is a tool which is therefore invaluable in business affairs.

3. Having a higher IQ brings you respect from your peers and others.

Higher intelligence allows you to have interesting debates and conversation with your peers which brings you the respect and reverence you deserve. Your social life also benefits greatly, since making friends and gaining respect becomes quick and easy through your increased creativity and wit. Conversely, low intelligence can have you ridiculed and bullied by those around you, meaning it takes longer to find the friends you want.

4. It helps you to remember things and devise the correct way of acting in a situation.

Having an impeccable memory is an excellent tool to have in your life. It helps you to remain sharp and alert to all situations, and is the ultimate solution to reducing the hassle of forgetfulness. Being highly intelligent also allows you to see the truth and the lies in a situation, so you can take the best course of action.

5. It helps you to achieve your dreams and become a genius.

The fact of the matter is that there is no one out there who can say that having a low intelligence is desirable or favorable. It is simply better in every single way to be intelligent. When you are intelligent, you possess the mental capacity to act effectively towards your goals and achieve them in the quickest time possible. People who possess low intelligence run the risk of not achieving their goals in life or taking far too long to even devise a plan of action towards it. You only have one opportunity in life so it is important we make the right choices here.

6. A higher IQ saves you time and effort in your life in general.

Just think of the number of hours you would save on a weekly basis by being more mentally efficient and alert. You would free up so much time to follow the pursuits you enjoy. Your life will become free of hassle, as your newfound intelligence has taken all the strain away, and left you with the time you need to follow your true pursuits. You will also dissolve life's frustrations such as the effort and hassle involved in problem solving, academic endeavours and all mental computational tasks.

What To Expect

When you increase your IQ, you are allowing yourself the freedom and time to live the life you desire. Whatever goal you may have, know that you can accomplish it with a higher IQ. This is also met with success in academics, business, family and friends. It is therefore your duty as an intelligent being to be as smart as possible.

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