Why Time Moves So Quickly

When we are "in the zone" and completely focused on what we are doing, time will seem to have leapfrogged forward without us even realising. We are sometimes shocked and surprised when we look at the time to realise that the day is almost over. So what is the cause of this phenomena? Below you will find some valuable insights that will help you to understand what is happening:

1. When time moves quickly, it is because we have the correct mindset.

This mindset is characterised by living in the moment, and doing our best in every situation. When you are living in the moment, you are only putting your attention on the here and now. This means you are not considering the future or the past at all, and have no concept of it. So when you then check the time, the time will seem to have gone by extremely quickly, as you have no mental conception of the time passing.

2. Time moves quickly because our mindset has established Quantum Superposition where time does not exist.

This state exists when we are in a state of non measurement, so that all quantum possibilities have the potential to flow to us at any moment. In this state, time does not exist, except where we decide to measure reality by conscious observation. The reality which manifests when we do observe will be the one which our mindset has manifested through acting towards the goal. Acting towards our goal is therefore more to do with creating mindset shifts to manifest reality change, as opposed to simply changing reality itself without mindset change. We therefore must act in the moment and give 100% mental attention to everything we do, because we are attempting to change yourself to create reality change.

3. Time moves quickly because we are allowing creative energy to flow to us through our mindset.

The creative energy creates a new reality through us. Time is in effect jumping from one quantum reality to the other instantly, through the correct mindset.

4. When time goes slowly, it is because we continue to measure the time.

When we look at the time and continue to measure it, the Superposition is cut off.

What To Expect

When we accept that we need to be in "the zone" and in "the moment" to create reality change, we are opening ourselves up to our dreams.

A. The quick flow of time means our mindset is correct and shifting quickly.

B. Our goals will seem to achieved without any effort whatsoever. We will be enjoying the process so much that reality change is quick.

C. We will have a lot more mental integrity, focus and momentum towards our goals. This will happen effortlessly and as a result of mental shift.

D. New opportunities will continue to open up as a result of mental shift.

E. We will be oblivious to everything else which is happening around us. We will be in state of bliss.

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