Write Down Everything You Change

When you begin to write down what happens in your life, you are making steps to monitor your changes and refine them towards your goals. Below you will find some helpful tips to help you understand the importance of writing your changes down:

1. When you write changes down, you can closely monitor them.

Not all changes you make will have the effect you desire. It is therefore important to keep a careful eye on them. If you simply rely on your memory, you are leaving the way open for chance and mistakes.

2. When you write down, you can look at all changes in a glance.

You will therefore be able to determine what the main positive factors for change were, and also what changes were less effective, and which you stood stay away from or minimise.

3. Writing down allows you to stop repeating yourself.

If you don't write it down, you will eventually forget about it. If it is a bad change that you have forgot, you will come up with the same idea again at a future date, and use it again, leading to the same results. We therefore go through the same cycle over and over without even realising.

4. Writing things down allows you to decipher laws of energy which you do not see.

Not everything is observable by us, except in the results. When we write things down, we can determine the cause of these results with amazing accuracy. From then on, we can refine and increase these forces to further our plight to our goals.

What To Expect

Writing your changes down is essential if you are become successful in reaching your goals. When we can closely monitor the good and bad things which influence our life, because we have written it down, we are opening the road towards mastery in our life.

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