You Have Everything Already

When a person chases for their goal, they make a loss. The loss is that they will never achieve their goal. This is because there is nothing out there to actually achieve. The truth, is that you already have it. There are deep reasons as to why this is, and these are explained for your understanding below:

1. Reality is a mental image.

The way you experience reality is through your mind. Therefore, the only interpretation you see of reality is something in your mind. However, if reality is a mental image, then all we are left with is mind. We therefore already have it in our mind. We simply need to be conscious of it, to allow the steps for it to manifest in our life.

2. The root which powers reality lies within us.

You are the center of the universe. By this, I do not mean that humanity is the center of the universe. I mean only you. Everything else can be shaped in your image because the power which forms all things lies within you. It is accessed using the unconscious mind, because all things are unconscious except consciousness in your mind.

3. When you believe that you have it already, you connect with the substance that does have.

The substance which does have, is the unconscious mind which flows through everything. By connecting to this power, we are allowing it to have greater control over our lives. Our objective should be to become unconscious in every action towards our goals, because then we allow the unconscious mind to achieve the goal through us.

What To Expect

When you realise that you already have everything, we are not talking about having it in the physical sense where we can just walk out and take what we want. We are talking about having it at a fundamental level. All we need to do is connect with this fundamental level, to make all our dreams come true. In simple terms, you are guaranteed to achieve your goals if you do things in a certain way that allows the unconscious power which has everything to flow through.

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