You Must Direct The Universe

The universe is within your direct control. The control is through your focus, consciousness and mind. It is not through your physical hands. To make the universe give you what you want, you must direct your focus, consciousness and mind to what you want. This article explores this in more detail.

1. You must think about what you want

Thinking about what you want puts your focus in that direction. When the focus is in that direction, the magnetic power increases. More creative energy is put into that direction, and you automatically move towards its achievement. Thinking about what you want continuously and consistently will entrust sufficient energy into it.

2. You must improve the power of your consciousness continuously

You do this by consuming a super optimal diet. This diet is mostly or completely vegetarian in nature (including no dairy products). The results will be a powerful, focused, disciplined and flexible mind which can expand in its thoughts very easily. This mind is highly efficient and will catapult you towards your goals easily.

3. You must make action on a daily basis

You must go to bed early in order to wake up early. When you form a proper habit and cycle of this, you will always have the right energy and drive you need to achieve what you want. You will always reinforce your faith, vision and purpose. Eventually, you will come to a position of knowing that your goal is coming true, making it even more so. This is the power of daily action.

4. You must live in the moment

Living in the moment means putting your whole attention on the here and now. This will only happen most effectively when you switch to a vegetarian diet. The vegetarian diet will allow you to have sufficient strength of mind to continuously and always increase in momentary living and focus. This will then correlate to increased realisation of your goals.

In conclusion, improving and building the power of your mind is essential for success. As you build your mental power, success becomes easy.

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